Legalized Theft: It's More Fun In The Philippines

I'd really want to start first with verifying what legalized theft means. Legalized theft means to use one's power or position to acquire money from people for personal gain, supposedly granting immunity to being convicted of theft even when theft is done or when a person gets legal protection to protect him or her from the legal penalties agaisnt theft. In the Philippines where people mistake democracy for impunity, then it's only normal that a nation occupied with a culture of impunity are bound (and they deserve) to really have impunity in its government.

How is legalized theft more fun in the Philippines? It doesn't take a genius to figure out the bracket of the ASEAN where taxes worth PHP 500,000.00 are charged at 32% while an archipelago like Malaysia only gets 11% for maximum taxes is very unjust. When Mar Roxas started to say that there's nothing wrong with the current constitution, he better realize that our tax rates are also very high. It's absolute stupidity to have tax rates raised so high then wonder why tax evasion is hard to combat. Who wants to pay taxes honestly in a system that's ridden by that kind of legalized theft? While penalties for late taxes are appropriate but overtaxing one's citizen is not.

It doesn't stop with unjust tax rates. It really goes to how the Bureau of Internal Revenue errr Robbery also does its job. Aside from the fact that they heckle others who don't deserve to be taxed higher, they also have the practice of accepting money under the table. Do you know that a lot of people who really deserve to be jailed for tax evasion are still not jailed? Aside from robbing the public, the BIR may also be called as Bribery and Internal Robbery because of money under the table cases. Either way, they are cheating the public trust.

Do you want another legalized theft? Talk about the Bureau of Customs errr Crocodiles. I really hate how these guys are really charging unjust fees towards balikbayan boxes and other deliveries. The more I think of how the Bureau of Crocodiles have been doing their job, the more I think that these guys are indeed crocodiles. Why do they keep charging extraordinarily high fees for the common people like on balikbayan boxes, anything ordered from abroad and the like? This really shows that the statement, "You'll never be cheated in the Philippines." is a downright lie.

The legalized theft of the BOC does not only stop with their charging of unjust fees but also accepting bribes. Any form of bribe is a form of illegitimate money. If the BIR isn't the only office responsible for accepting bribes, BOC is also also doing it. How do you think Chinese crooks get their harmful items like narcotics, melamine tainted food, fake rice and fake eggs slip into customs? The answer is just simply bribe the customs. These Chinese crooks don't only get protection from the National Bureau of Investigation via paying them under the table, they also get their items needed to run their unethical businesses via the BOC.

Last but not the least, think about the Commission of Human Rights who instead of defending the rights of victims have been defending the rights of criminals to do crime. Yes, there's a "due process" but it should not involve defending the rights of the criminal to do crime. Hit a thief to get your money back, CHR may soon come after you depriving you of the right for self-defense. They may also say, "But these people are poor." which is really more than their system of rewarding the lazy while punishing the diligent. This of course has made it legal for the poor to steal all because they are poor.

I should also mention that the CHR has also ended up giving the right to steal land by granting squatters the right to squat. One cay say that I should pity the squatters when not all the poor people deserve sympathy and not all rich people deserve to be hated. What CHR might be purposely ignoring that the other poor people are also affected by the problem of squatters. Just think of any lower income person who works hard to get a place to rent to buy a cheap parcel of land. Squatters are thieves not only because they steal from their neighbors' resources (ex. money, electricity)  but also because they are staying there for free while the other poor people have to work for rent.

Do you ever wonder why the Philippines is really suffering right now?