Do Many OFWs Believe They Have Immunity Abroad?

Even if it's not yet March but I thought I might write this post on OFWs who may believe they have some kind of immunity abroad in remembrance of Edz Ello's case that occurred on January last year. I would probably blame it on whatever screwed mentality they have when they think that they are taking over the world as OFWs. In other words, WTF are they thinking when they said that? What an extreme lack of common sense.

Looking back at 2012, 2014 and 2015 these were some of the nonsense that were written all over like they're taking over Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. I still remembered the Edz Ello case and any decent-minded Filipino has the right to express their outrage over what he did. Why did they write all of that? I could really blame the whole idea of the Pinoy Master Race mentality which they think the world must bow down to them. Whoever taught them that the OFW phenomenon means that the Philippines is taking over the world needs to think twice because where you work, you follow their rules. Again, how many times do those idiots need to realize that W in OFW means worker? They are in another country WORKING for a foreign boss in a foreign soil. If you're in another country, follow their rules.

It's already basic guidelines that if you're in a certain country, you're bound to follow THEIR RULES and their government has no obligation to follow the RULES of your country. If the country has death penalty and a Filipino commits a crime worthy of death in that country, don't expect that country to spare the Filipino for the sake of the Philippines. If you remembered the three drug mules who were executed in China, you do realize that China's law had to be done. The Chinese government has the right not to bow down to the pleas of that idiotic Commission on Human Rights. Even if the Philippines doesn't have the death penalty system, they committed a crime in that country, the laws must be followed. You can say that China should have spared them because the Philippines has no death penalty but sorry, China's laws will be followed. Likewise, China cannot order the Philippines to execute any Chinese national caught smuggling drugs into the Philippines because the crime happened in the Philippines.

All I can say is those whiny Filipino activists can go ahead and show their victim card mentality. They can go ahead and cry foul but again, there's no such thing as special immunity for just anybody so what makes them think Pinoys should be granted that immunity?