Will Etta Rosales ALSO PLEASE SHUT UP?!

As much as I don't approve of some methods Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is doing but sometimes, I can relate to his frustrations. I mean, what else is more frustrating than when people purposely choose not to follow EVEN simple guidelines? Etta Rosales does not have the right to say, "If you don't respect the law, it would also affect you and your family." because she does not really respect law with how she did her job as a human rights chairperson. She's so equally misguided with her being overly lenient which in turn, has she thought that her own loved ones are in danger if she doesn't take action against criminals and instead defends their rights?

The more I think about the idiocy of the Commission of Human Rights office, the more I see that specific government office has been defending the people's right to impunity than the rights of the victims. Whenever I read a person who harms another out of self-defense getting charged with criminal activity, all I can say is... REALLY, have they deprived the citizens of the basic right to self-defense when your life is in danger? Have they really deprived the less privileged people of the right to complain about the major problem of squatters in their area? Have they deprived people of the right to complain against freeloaders?

I am afraid but the Philippines has had the problem of a dysfunctional sense of freedom which is mingled with a fatal dose of loose law enforcement. Rules are rules, they have to be followed and for example, I don't care if it was a BMW that parked in a wrong parking area, it still deserves to be given a ticket for civil rights violation. But the problem with the National Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Internal Robbery to name a few plays favorites. If the BIR should be for internal revenue and not internal robbery then even rich tax evaders should be jailed because it's totally wrong and not to mention stupid to safeguard the ruling class from accountability. Then again, since when has a culture of accountability really been encouraged especially if all President Nobita Aquino does is blame his predecessor?

For her to even say, "If you desire change, make sure is an improvement." makes me say, "REALLY?!" to her because her changes do not bring improvement at all. Is it really a change that brings improvement to defend the rights of criminals over the victims? While criminals do have the right to a fair and just trial to make sure they are punished according to the gravity of their offense but to protect the criminal instead of the victim is not fair and just. Isn't it any wonder why crime is more fun in the Philippines? It would be simple to see reality that with promoting a culture of impunity means if you can't even deal with people's civil offenses properly, how can you expect to deal with people when they commit criminal offenses? Not following guidelines goes a long way you know. If CHR was really serious about making change, why don't they stop their promoting of a culture of impunity and victim card playing as glorified by the media

She needs to realize that if the law enforcers don't do their jobs properly then that kind of stupidity encourages vigilantism in several levels because people don't get their justice. It's not just in the movies where you see people say, "The law didn't do anything. The criminals are still out there. Where is justice? That idiot Etta Rosales defended the killer instead. How many more will die unless that killer is given what he deserves?" It's also in real life that a lack of enforcement of justice in society can provoke the victim to take the law into their own hands. Only if that idiot old lady just realizes that society's lack of upholding justice gives more room for vigilantism than not. It just reminded me that I wanted to become like the Punisher when it comes to enforcing rules because people just don't want to follow them.

Also, I don't care if she says, "With all your Draconian policies, a lot of Filipios will commit suicide if you implement Singapore's type of governance. Please remember that Flor Contemplacion was innocent and that Singapore just framed her because they are a dictatorship." I bet those people just really hate to follow rules and considering she is an activist, it's easy to observe how a lot of activists hate to follow rules. If she and her cohorts want to do a mass suicide as a form of protest because law enforcement will be done properly which they deem tyrannical, nobody is stopping them. If they don't take out their own lives because of their hatred for rules, perhaps their own actions will


  1. I'd rather wish that Duterte and Etta duke it out gladiator style.


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