President Nobita Aquino Should Have Not Foolishly Made That Promise About The Metro Railway Transit

During the campaign of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino III, there was the campaign for a promise of "Daang Matuwid" or straight path towards progress. What might actually annoy me is to think of how many years did he promise to work on improving the MRT but what did he do? Most of the time, the straight years of blame game is the reality over the straigh path towards progress and the MRT is one of them. I guess that's why Grace Poe Llamanzares got disqualified for the presidency because she addressed the MRT's issues. Worse, we still have Joseph Payaba who really says the stupidest things like traffic is not fatal. In short, what is the current administration really thinking?

I still could not forget the promise that President Nobita said he'd promise that he and Secretary Pabaya would allow themselves to be ran over the train if they cannot fix it. The whole principle behind vows is that before you make a vow, be sure you can fulfill it and if you are not sure you can fulfill it, just say, "We will try out best to do what we can." But the problem is that many Filipinos just love candidates who make stupid promises they can't fulfill over those who make sensible ones.

Stupid people tend to have more confidence than smart people. It's not just in cartoons or movies but also in real life events. They tend to brag a lot about how smart they are even when their brains are usually filled with nonsense. What's worse is that the Philippines is filled with the culture of anti-intellectualism in several levels of stupid. Isn't it any wonder why that President Nobita got elected to become president in the first place? Besides, doesn't a nation of lazy people deserve a lazy ruler?