The Stupidity That Many Filipinos Vote For Stupid People Then COMPLAIN About The Consequences

Considering that elections are almost near, I always thought of how Philippine history repeats itself. Looking at every nation, the problem is not only with the government but also the people. When you think of it, Philippine democracy is a government of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people. Besides, the bigger problem is not President Nobita nor former president Sherap Estrada but rather, the fault lies in this question... WHO VOTED FOR THEM ANYWAY?!

It's time to have some basic historical lessons shall we? When you think of it, the elections themselves are a huge joke not only because the candidates are a joke but also because the voters themselves are a joke. When I look at the Philippines and why the country hardly improves, one can credit it to what kind of people do many Filipinos want into power. They are voting for athletes and actors instead of lawyers, economists and the like. Besides, what do athletes and actors know anything about politics and how to run a country? Most likely none and besides, what's the idea of letting athletes and actors sit in the Senate when they even haven't passed through the basics. Like think - at least Sherap passed through being a mayor for several years before he became a Senator. The rest were simply getting into the Senate without experience.

I don't know whether or not many Filipinos have a hard time learning or are they stupid at their own choice? Now just because a person may have the chlorovirus (which can cause you to have a drop in intellect) or has slow learning ability does not necessarily mean they are stupid, they're just slow. Stupidity can come in many ways and one of them is their refusal to accept the facts, they live in their own assumptions or dream world. I guess that's the reason why athletes and celebrities keep getting into power even if they know nothing about politics. Show business and the sports world are different categories from politics.

Have they not learned from the past mistakes? When I think about it, didn't they even learn from the mistakes of electing the late Cory Aquino into power? Cory was an inexperienced housewife and just because she's the wife of the late Ninoy does not make her a great leader. Another is people have been voting for dum dums into power and when the president makes stupid decisions, they all whine and protest. As said, the problem is not a change of men but a change in men. More Filipinos need to stop being stupid and start thinking for the better... because the bigger problem behind poverty and the like is not government corruption but one's own personal choice.