Those Blessed By Economic Overprotectionism Are The Oligarchs

It's stupid to keep saying by the economic overprotectionism is a blessing for the Philippines, that the Philippines does not need to loosen certain restrictions because, "Blessed are the poor." mentality is there.  Not to mention, I have to applaud the kagagohan or idiocy of the activist groups like Bobo Muna or Migraine International.  Bayan Muna?  More like Bobo Muna!  Migrante International?  More like those idiots give me a migraine as they uphold a stupid view of economics.  What they don't realize is that opportunists are taking advantage of their ego-driven stupidity.

A great irony of the anti-elite mentality among Filipinos is that they don't realize that their stupidity feeds the oligarchy at a very strong rate.  As I warned before, the Philippines is plagued with a democracy that's run by stupid people, of stupid people and for stupid people - something that really needs SERIOUS correction if we expect to see progress.  I guess the problem of economic overprotectionism is not entirely the government's fault but also because people want it then they whine, "Why a lack of jobs?!" never mind that these people fail to see that their stupid economic policies laced with paranoia that foreigners will take over the country if you allow foreign investors is a deluded fantasy.

The more those idiots (and many of them are anti-elite and anti-progress) support the dangerous idea of economic overprotectionism, the more they actually feed the oligarchs and I wonder if those anti-elite idiots are even aware of that.  Just think if you don't want any foreign services all in the name of "Sariling Atin only" mentality then just expect all the garbage services (which they ironically hate) as a result of that mentality.  I mean, do you think two Internet Service Providers is enough to service 7,107 islands?  Singapore can survive with two to three ISPs because it's an island-nation but the Philippines is an archipelago.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Philippines' geography needs decentralization of government and economics!

Economic overprotectionism may actually also be the fault of a majority vote which asks the question... WHO PUT THE IDIOTS IN POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE?  The cycle continues that because the stupid people are in power, the oligarchs find one way or another to control the people.  You can have the brainwashing TV network known as ABiaS-CBN that sadly, has been catering to a culture of anti-intellectualism or idiotic activists like Bobo Muna, Anak ng Bobo, Gagabriela and Migraine International spreading their lies to the public with their old but still works playing the victim card which leads to a lynch mob syndrome.  Lynch mob means people blindly follow a leader and hate what the leader hates, sadly but many Filipinos fail to think outside the box especially with how they write their comments.

As President Nobita said, "Kayo ang boss ko!" or "You are my boss!" so who was he referring to?  I'm afraid that he's probably the worse trapo yet and maybe, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in spite of being a dictator, had more guts to oppose the majority than the "beloved" president.  Not that I advice the next president should be a heartless dictator but a leader who would oppose the majority whenever needed like if the majority wants stupid policies, he won't give it even if he loses his popularity with them.  The oligarchs would take advantage of trapo leaders, puppet them and become the real power of the nation behind the scenes.  Even if they aren't sitting in the high seats of power, they end up becoming the actual rulers of the nation no thanks to economic overprotectionism.


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