This Picture In Manila Ocean Park Shows More Of The Prevalent Culture Of Impunity In The Philippines!

Well I may not really write long posts all the time either. Here's one picturet hat was shown in Manila Ocean Park. Can you tell what's wrong with the picture? You can clearly see the sign on the floor which says, "PLEASE DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS LINE." but then you see the visitors going beyond the line. I'm sure there's a reason why nobody was ever allowed to go beyond that line, presumably for safety reasons. During my trip to Hong Kong, there's the tendency for huge splashes or whatever in those kinds of areas.

With the picture, it's obvious that a lot of Filipinos just refuse to follow even the simplest of guidelines. It just reminds me of how a lot of Filipinos tend to have the mentality that, "I will kill myself if I have to follow all those rules!" saying that Singapore sucks not only because they believe that Flor Contemplacion was innocent (when she was NOT), but because it's a city that is a really fine city. If you want to know why Singaporeans are very disciplined, it's because they declare civil offenses out of every incident that many Filipinos belittle such as throwing your garbage anywhere or not flushing. One has to think of how Singapore progressed overtime from Stinkapore to Singapore because Lee Kwan Yew implemented discipline to an otherwise near hopeless population. It made me think if they want to commit suicide because of all those rules, let them, that way the Philippines will have less people who have impunity.

When I think of the slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines" sad to say but the slogan also has created a culture of impunity. If you ask me, yes indeed impunity is more fun in the Philippines. There's always that observation I made that "kawawa ang pinagalitan" or "feel sorry for the one who's being scolded" that even if the scolding wasn't even done harshly but when it's overheard, a lot of Filipinos tend to say, "Kawawa naman yung pinagalitan." like in this social experiment video. I guess if those folks got scolded by the management, the management would be labeled as the one who are bad and the offenders are labeled as "kawawa".

Not to mention, you have the Commission on Human Rightsthat also defends the right of every Filipino to impunityespecially every time I see Etta Rosales' picture, there she goes the Madame Victim Card of the Philippines. Whenever I think of "human rights" by that department, do they even respect the rights of the victim or the offended party? I think not. Sad to say but the culture of impunity keeps itself at a growing pace in the Philippines.