The Problem Of How Math Education Is Carried Out In The Philippines

Now I can see this illustration as two Math teachers arguing...

It pains me to think but the Philippine public school education system is usually very lousy and Math is never spared from it. It just reminds me of how some stupid Math teacher of mine has the attitude of, "I'm always right, you're always wrong." and she had that huge sense of entitlement. After her students lost the Math competition, she dared to argue with the judges who were better in Math than she was. She was teaching elementary Math, the judges were College math professors which proves that a lot of Filipinos suffer the problem of not listening even to a more qualified person.

Remembering the teaching methodology of that stupid Math teacher vs. competent Math teachers I've been under, there's a huge difference. My competent Math teachers believed in a methodological introduction, step-by-step teaching vs. that stupid Math teacher who slams everything down your throat. Considering that Math is a hard subject, then it's stupid to grandslam all the concepts. I mean, why do you think you must first pass through the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables before equations are introduced? Why must you learn basic geometry before you can understand trigonometry? Why must you hammer on algebra for most of your years? It's because Math must start with the basic concepts, you slowly climb up and even if not everyone can master it, everyone can learn its basic concepts!

Another problem of having a poor Math foundation in the Philippines would be the Pwede Na Yan education system. Just because Math is difficult does not mean you must treat it like chicken-chicken because every equation counts. If grandslamming Math on a student is a stupid idea then making it "easy" is also a bad idea. When you think of it, Math has a progressive difficulty level and getting stuck with the basics of Math is a bad idea. Now not everyone is really suited for the Math-intensive courses but anyone can certainly grasp Math or at least, understand its importance in society. However like everything, Math must progress itself to keep the mind sharp and clear. Even if not everyone would be using trigonometric equations in College but lessons such as patience and determination have been taught by Math.

When I think about how stupid those protesters are, I've even heard that most of them come from the public schools. A problem is that most Filipinos cannot even afford a private schools and worse, the government has a knack for NOT improving the public school system. So if people cannot even get the basic concepts like you DO NOT multiply wealth by dividing it then I don't expect them to understand basic economics like supply and demand. I mean most of the time, I find the stupidity of the activists to be very annoying like they hate foreign investmentbut they end up crying because there is a lack of jobs. I wonder, do they even do the BASIC MATH? Well, I guess they don't because of how Math education is usually done so badly in the Philippines, most people end up with backwards thinking.