Politics Is Indeed... More Fun In The Philippines!

Bam or "Bum" Aquino... certifies reasons why politics is indeed... more fun in the Philippines!

As the election season draws near for 2016 and how current events want people to get as many votes as possible in any way possible, I always thought about the fact that politics is indeed more fun in the Philippines. The more I think about the state of Philippine politics, the more I think that the politicians must be having all the fun with being in office.

Stupid people make up a stupid government

Consider the reality of Philippine democracy that it is sad to say but it's a government of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people. The culture of anti-intellectualism is just so widespread isn't it and it's very observable in a daily basis. When I think about Bum's campaign where he supposedly worked under the heat of the sun with some bricks and not get a bead of sweat, not get dirty... you have to be an idiot to believe he can do such an impossible feat. Common sense tells us that when the it's very impossible to do because when you work, you sweat and even when you don't work, you still sweat.

One has to question the intelligence of the voters whenever you see their planned votes. Last 1998, I still could remember some idiocy in the voting system. When you ask who are they voting, they end up voting for celebrities and athletes over the most qualified people. Looking at the political arena of the Philippines, who's getting votes? You don't get votes for real more qualified people, instead you get votes for people who really KNOW NOTHING about politics. They vote for people because they are popular instead of because they have shown their performance. A lot of people in the Philippines just vote because so and so was a popular movie star or athlete, they never check the real life of the person. Come on, Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. is not Panday nor is he a hero in real life! So anytime, don't be surprised if Kris Aquino becomes president someday!

How are people getting deceived by the election campaign? It's through the deadly epidemic called the Eh-Bola Viruswhich spreads via air waves, print media and fair speeches. It just reminded me of why Joseph "Sherap" Ejercito Estrada won the elections that even if the guy really lacks common sense, he won because of his popularity and later, President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino won the elections because of his famous parents Ninoy and Cory which is the use of necropolitics. Whenever a politician makes a speech no matter how preposterous it is, the campaign is good as won whenever he or she delivers it in such a way that you will really clap for it. Not to mention, you still have poor people to deceive by bribing them via gifts and money to get that vote, promise to improve their lives and they will vote for you.

When I think of people below the poverty level, they are indeed good show business props which is why I believe that the government doesn't do anything about the squatting problem. Without squatters, I don't think those politicians will have their show business done. Do you remember the Sherap Para Sa Mahirap campaign? Do you remember the campaign of Money Villar that says, "Si Money Villar siya ang sagot sa ating kahirapan..." at the end of the song? What about President Nobita's "Kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap" campaign? Looking at all of that, sad to say but majority of the poor people (especially those below poverty level) are really indeed part of the problem. So the huge problem is that blessed are the poor indeed in the Philippines because the government will somehow take care of their needs, they willingly allow themselves to be exploited and sad to say, behind their smiling faces is really buried tons of misery.

Speaking of show business, I always joked about one of the best ways to get attention that might have been overlooked is to really get yourself crucified on Good Friday for a vote. So let's just say before election season comes that on Good Friday 2016, we will really see a group of politicians whipping themselves, crowning themselves with thorns and voluntarily getting themselves crucified for a vote? I could imagine that if Mar Roxas decides to perform the penitensya, I guess people may soon decide to clap their hands for him whatever position he will carry. Then let's just say if Jejemon Bitay himself would also join in with a cross that's painted white for him, then what if Bongbong Marcos and then (insert candidate) will also follow in. I could imagine the kind of circus that kind of stupidity will create because stupid people fall for stupid tricks.

When people are stupid, they don't question their government at all. Do you remember why dictators of any kind purposely dumb down the people? When people are so stupid, they don't question anything at all or two, if they ever do anything, the government can easily stop them. Remember ignorance is not bliss as you think it is. In the Philippines, the people are stupefied by the worst media possible like ABiaS-CBN and sensationalist media which continues that vicious cycle of stupidity. This in turn discourages qualified candidates from running and encourages stupid people into running. Worse, stupid people refuse to admit they are wrong.

When stupid people get into power, remember that there are also scheming politicians who are involved. Just imagine this... if you can have a very stupid president supported by stupid people, the scheming politicians of lower rank can become the real power behind the Philippines. It's a common practice to have a stupid leader who is a puppet to a lower ranking official who is smarter than he is. It's sort of the form of a "shadow government" where there's a person in front and only a few people are really aware of who runs the show behind the scenes.

Impunity has become a way life and it's perhaps constitutional and lawful in the Philippines

The culture of impunity also contributes to this. I am really still surprised to why we still have all those corrupt people in power. Sherap was ousted for several charges against him then he was allowed to run for president? You may also consider that Juan Ponce Enrile's arrest was long overdue considering he had been guilty of several human rights violations. Gregorio Honasan has been guilty of one coup after the other and yet he is still in power. With the culture of impunity, it looks like the process of playing the wheelchair card or through corrupt authorities, the government continues to allow such corrupt officials to continue their seats in power. This is no thanks to a culture of impunity isn't it? Only if people held to a culture of accountability then the Philippines would improve.

It reminded me of why people say I am a Communist because I am against the law of impunity and I am for the law of discipline. Whenever I speak of following Singaporean-style policies, I don't expect to get a pat on my shoulder. It just reminds me of people who say that they will kill themselves if they have to live in a country like Singapore, they blame Singapore's strict system as to why people commit suicide. It made me think that if people commit suicide not because of their failures but because they have to follow rules, I think they are indeed doing the community a favor by getting rid of themselves. Quite hypocritically, some of these people who accuse me of being a Commie support the leftist retards like Bobo Muna, Gagabriela and Anak ng Bobo which are Communist organizations, but failed Communist organizations because I don't think the Communist Party of China would ever want those morons near them.

When you look at the majority of Filipinos, most of them love the culture of impunity and they tend to play the human rights card. Whether it's Bratty Bata 163 which a parent may soon be charged with child abuse for doing disciplinary action to the child, you also have the Commission of Human Rights and even if Etta Rosales has resigned, the same problem continues. If the country is full of people who refuse to follow even the simplest of guidelines, then don't expect people to really want proper authorities. They would want leaders that continue the culture of impunity instead of a culture of accountability. I guess that's why a lot of people voted for President Nobita. He didn't need to cheat to win the elections, the count was rightfully his. I guess that's why a lot of people love the current president who has the habit of frequently blaming Gloria for almost everything.

The government offices are also guilty of promoting the culture of impunity to the public as well. When it comes to customs, one can see how the Bureau of Customs is doing a lousy job by promoting unfair taxes on OFW balikbayan boxes but not on the politicians' expensive cars from abroad or three, that drugs keep getting into the Philippines from foreign sources. Just think, a wealthy drug dealer from China can easily get protection from the National Bureau of Investigation or BOC by simply bribing them with money under the table. That is, even if an extradition treaty between the Philippines and China exists, that treaty becomes useless because the NBI would defend any criminals from China hiding in the Philippines. I hate to admit it but some of these wealthy criminals may also get protection from the politicians. Politicians can receive huge sums of undeclared money from those scumbags and most likely get away with it.

Should I mention the law of impunity is also in the crony system by politicians? During the Marcos years, he had his own set of cronies whom he defended thus creating the oligarchy and this was reinforced during the 1987 Constitution with the law of 60/40. In the case of President Nobita, if you are friends with him, expect him to defend you. I always find it so facedesking whenever I think that he only targeted the corrupt officials of the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration but he always covers up for his friends like DOTC's Joseph Pabaya, BOC's Alberto D. Lina, Energy Secretary Jericho Pestiha and Stinky Soliman (who might be responsible for the entry of fake rice from Chinese crooks) to name a few.

The power of being part of a political dynasty system

Not to mention, you have the political dynasty system ran by free riding on that certain relative in power. You can consider how political dynasties happen no thanks to stupid voters. One relative enters into politics then the rest will follow despite a lack of credibility. The Aquinos are a political dynasty that rides on the legacy of Ninoy's death and now Cory's death just to get a vote. President Nobita gets his vote then his cousin Bum follows. In Makati where the Bitays are indeed a popular group, they deserve to be called the Bitays because of their scams. First Jejemon Bitay becomes the Lin Tik Yu of Makati or its mayor then you consider, the rest follows. His son Junjun is mayor of Makati while he is vice-president, his daughter Nancy is a senator and the rest will follow.

What makes a political dynasty really bad? If you think outside the box, you'll get the picture of what's wrong with political dynasties. Political dynasties are built upon the padrino system where people get their places based on friendships and blood relations over credibility. When you think of it, why do Marcos loyalists want Bongbong for president and why did Aquino loyalists vote for President Nobita and Bum? When I think about President Nobita's track record vs. Ninoy's, it's a far fetch and what people fail to see is that the father and the son are two different people. Just because the father was a competent politician does not mean the son would be one and vice-versa. A stupid father can have a smart son and vice versa.

In a political dynasty system, the government ends up as a family business for the family's personal gain rather than to maintain peace and order. Just think of this... if your father is the vice-president then you are the mayor and your sister is a senator, it does become a profit family business that preys together and steals together strengthens your power. It means that you can all agree to secretly move the funds from one location to another until you get that money deposited in your account abroad. When you think of it, it's very difficult to get rid of a politician who is a member of a political dynasty. The Bitays of Makati are very hard to get rid off and getting them convicted is easier said than done.

As I mentioned earlier about necropolitics, it just creates a sympathy vote. I mean, it's stupid to make a housewife a president just because her late husband is a Senator. I always felt Cory's presidency was only based on sympathy and Ninoy's death opened a Pandora's box towards political dynasties. After Cory died, President Nobita becomes president. So really, when it's President Nobita's turn to die let's just say he got beheaded in Saudi for committing murder or he shot himself, you might think of what if Joshua Aquino or Kris Aquino becomes president as a result. It's also the same with Bum's campaign where he used both the Uncle Ninoy which he never met, his Auntie Cory who are two dead relatives and in the middle, his brain-dead cousin.

Maybe I should mention that political dynasties never vote based on credibility but on winnability. Just as I mentioned earlier, just because President Nobita is Ninoy's son does not make him his father. Sometimes, you can even have a genius from a family of idiots. Just think if a genius politician sits and does something great in the Philippines, it's very easy to assume that the rest of his clan is a genius like he is. I guess that's the whole reason why President Nobita wins even if he's been nine years as a Senator who just slept through his job, he still won all because of his late father who is fondly remembered. People never thought of this that President Nobita should be told, "Noynoy, hindi ikaw nag-iisip." in contrast to Ninoy being told, "Hindi ka nag-iisa".

Remember that a public official is both a servant and a leader but in the Philippines, a public official is either a rug or a dictator. There is a balance between being a servant and being a leader. While the leader should lead, he should not be a dictator. Sad to say but political dynasties would inevitably create what you'd call either a rug government or a dictatorial government. As George Orwell warns, "Remember that democracies can become dictatorships too." Dictatorships in the way that either the majority oppresses the government or by a majority vote, a dictator is elected into power.