It's Time For BIR Tax Cut!

It really makes me think that President Nobita himself wasn't making any sense when he scolded his allies for pressing income tax cut. I mean, why does he still insist on having a very high income tax bracket for income worth PHP 500,000.00 when all I can say is that "LOOK, Mr. President, the Communist countries in the list above have 20% and the Philippines is stuck with 32%!"

Common sense say say this that if tax rates are so high, tax evasion tendencies will be higher. For example, you may have investors local or foreign coming but don't expect them to pay correctly. You can think of this reality - if tax rates are high and a lot of BIR staff are incompetent, you can get a huge dose of tax evaders. Not to mention, some BIR staff are actually receiving money under the table from major companies. So really, is the BIR actually loving tax evaders because they get money under the table which they can hide and use for their own personal use? While I don't encourage tax evasion, I encourage tax payers to demand for transparency and two, talk about tax reform because the country is burdened from overtaxing.

Truth needs be told, it's not more fun to pay taxes in the Philippines. No matter how many times David Guerrero may keep sloganeering his tagline, the truth is out about the Philippine taxation system. It's time for TAX REFORM!