Do Failipinos Love The Philippines As They Say They Love It?

It's already irritating to be a Filipino who wants change then such a person is surrounded by Failipinos. Whenever a Filipino either Pinoy or not speaks of change, it's really a problem when such people are unfairly labeled as "Anti-Filipino" because they oppose the values that Failipinos think are part of the Filipino culture. They think that their screwed-up, dysfunctional culture is what makes them Filipino or to make things more preposterous, "Genuinely Filipino" as if their bad values weren't of foreign influence. Reading my Filipino history, a lot of bad values that is prevalent in the Philippines are in fact, taken from Imperial Spain.

I tend to hear the statements like, "Yes we love the Philippines and its culture. That's why we do all these stuff because that's what makes us Filipino. We will stand by our citizen no matter what like we are proud to stand by Flor Contemplacion's innocence no matter how many times Singapore will say she's guilty." from their mouths. Rewinding back 20 years ago, nothing was as stupid as to think how I was told, "Are you sure you are Filipino? If you like being on time, go back to China or move to another countrybecause this is the Philippines and you should adhere to Filipino time you Communist who wants people to show up on time!" which makes me say, "Excuse me! Just because you are Filipino does not justify your actions!" I always find such people annoying that every time I see them again, I refuse to talk to such stupid people because as said, stupid people can be very contagious and very dangerous.

Whenever they say that they love their country that's why they do the stupid stuff they do in the name of being Filipino or nationalism, I want to say in the tone of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's voice towards Alana Impurisima saying, "OH REALLY?!". It's so annoying to think of the fact that they are proud of many things they should not be proud of. Aside from the culture of being late which I mentioned earlier, I could mention the culture of not following simple guidelines, embracing anti-intellectual attitudeswhich in turn make them reject even more qualified speakers, fiesta mentality, willingly embracing the stupidity of sensationalism over truth, andtheir super duper face-deskingdysfunctional sense of freedomleads to a democracy established of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people. It's no wonder one stupid policy after the other is established like having a deadly combination of a lack of economic liberalization combined with the culture of impunityno thanks to the Commission on Human Rights.

The truth is with all the stupid stuff they do in the name of being a Filipino, they actually (and passively) hate the Philippines without knowing it with what they do in the name of nationalism. Their stupid activities are indeed making Failipinos out of Filipinos which in turn is bringing the country to no direction. They may say that they love staying in the Philippines because of the prevalent culture then they only love the wayward culture that's prevalent in the country but not the country itself. When that happens, you might as well expect to rename the Philippines into the Failippines. They might go ahead and shout, "That's not Failipino, that's Filipino." but they have become Failipinos with their willful actions. If they really love their Philippines, they would be concerned about its reputation and improving it. Sad to say but a lot of them are still living in Lala Landplus their smiles no not convince we that they are indeed a happy people. If you love the Philippines then fight for a better Philippines never mind the "Eh di magpabaril ka rin." statement.

If you want to know why I fight for economic liberalization and constitutional reform, it's because I want to see the Philippines develop. Lee Kwan Yew loved Singapore more than enough to oppose the trends of his time because he wanted to see his nation improve. Truth is, I guess a lot of Singaporeans really hated him back then but he did what he did. That's why I spend my time to write these articles because I want to fight for a better Philippines.