Why Rejoicing At Any Mishaps In China Is Not Good!

Looking at the explosion in Tianjin during late Wednesday night, I always thought about the incoming tactless comments from Failipinos here and there. I just thought of all the bad comments that can be found here. They are rejoicing at the explosions in China because of the faults done by the CHINESE GOVERNMENT but that does not make the whole Chinese people evil and foul. It made me think how the Philippine Pride (better renamed as the Failippine Pride) is really full of garbage and as of late, it's has been vilifying China like no tomorrow as if the Philippines has no fault whatsoever.

It's sad to think how Failipinos tend to have their problem to do hasty generalization on other races but get mad when it's done at them. What is really very annoying is that I can read comments wishing all Chinese dead, rejoicing over the mishaps that are happening in China and saying that all Chinese should die because of the fault of their government. Oh wait, maybe it's because they couldn't get over their three drug mulesthat were executed on March 30, 2011 huh? I always think about the annoying paranoia that is going on won't help in the current conflict between China and the Philippines. So really, how do they like it that China would generalize all Filipinos as drug mules and criminals for the fault of a few Filipinos? Isn't that what they are doing to China right now?

When I think of any disaster, it's always a tragedy when innocent civilians get hurt. I don't care if the disaster happens in the Philippines or China. If innocent people are hurt, innocent people are hurt. What do the Chinese civilians have to do with the sins of their government? Nothing at all because I would believe that some Chinese are actually opposing the activities of their government. If I can oppose to Stinkaporeans who disgraced every decent Singaporean by wanting all Filipinos out of Singapore for Edz Ello's stupiditythen I also oppose those Failipinos who want all Chinese dead because of the current row between our country and China. Throw your anger at their government, not the whole Chinese population.

Sad to say but while many Filipinos claim to be professional, a lot of them choose to think with their feelings than their thoughts. They choose to think with their hearts instead of their brains giving way to irrational decisions and that they usually DO NOT bother to finish reading posts before they comment. It's also said to say but anti-intellectualism is really prevailing in the Philippines. So really, what's going on? Hypocritically, those Failipinos are bound to get angry if other races would rejoice with all the bad incidents in the Philippines. Who knows, maybe Tianjin's type of explosion may soon happen in Imperial Manila too.