Why Mar Roxas Won't Make A Good President!

Well I guess it's time for another short and I would really think about why Mar Roxas won't make a good president.  I am not going to bring up any issues about his paternal grandfather Manuel Roxas Sr. but only on him as DILG secretary who ran as President Nobita Aquino's vice president.  Now for why I think Mar Roxas will not make a good president.

The guy himself shows he can become anything but a good leader.  If he wants to really become president, he has to show his leadership skills and not just become a traffic enforcer or a laborer.  No, if he wants to impress people in that area, he should show how he can direct the labor force to be efficient and effective in their workplace.  Instead of being a traffic enforcer, he should show some plans on how traffic jams can be minimized and controlled.  Instead, he just keeps showing his state of epal to which he might actually volunteer himself to perform the penitensya on Good Friday of 2016.  If he really does that then the more he isn't going to make a good president.

My other concern is that annoying wife of his, Korina.  Having a first lady like her would be bad for the country.  Just imagine what it would be to have a first lady who is super tactless.  Do you remember the last time she wished that the typhoon would reach Japan?  How I wish the satirical news that she got persona non grata from Shinzo Abe so she would learn her lesson.  At the same time, it made me think how Anderson Cooper uncovered all the lies that she made about the rehabilitation of Typhoon Yolanda and how defective her husband really is.  So really, do you want a first lady who is like that?

Unfortunately, the Philippines has always been about a democracy of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people.  What the Philippines need is really good, solid leadership not leadership stated by the epals and idiots of politics.  But again, who's to blame but the voters?


  1. He is for me a good boy gone bad. That reminds me of Simba from The Lion King. He should do a Simba-to remember who he is and regain the goodness inside of him.


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