Sad To Say But Many Filipinos Can't Detect OBVIOUS SATIRES

I have noticed how the satire of the Chinese government vowing to donate 3 ships or 60 escalators has met reactions.  Even if the article was tagged as "HUMOR", then again it's a sad fact that a lot of Filipinos tend not to read the post before they even comment.  So if they don't bother to read, just think of what they will comment when they don't read the posts all because they don't read posts.

If you want to know why I'm using an obviously FAKE picture of President Nobita Aquino performing the penitensya is because what if I wrote my satire without the caption, "SATIRICAL NEWS", I wonder how many people will buy the obviously fake news?!  When you think about it satirical news websites like the Adobo Chronicles, Hassle Free News or So What's News tend to indirectly mislead people EVEN IF on top of the website, a disclaimer is written that everything in there is PURELY FICTIONAL.  That is, the website already reveals its intentions to type FUNNY FICTIONAL NEWS to make fun of current events so it doesn't mislead people into believing it's true even when it isn't.

What's even funnier is that people who call me stupid are those who got deceived by satirical news.  Just think about it... one time somebody even used a SATIRICAL website to prove me wrong instead of a real credible source.  I guess that's the result of TOO MUCH entertainment huh?  So what's next?  They'll end up believing that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real characters because of a satirical news that President Nobita got into hot water with them?


  1. Beyond that, I often cracking jokes which is subdued by it's irony and I noticed most Filipino's never catch on..... They are so literal.



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