Pinoy Pessimism Against The Country Should Also Be Avoided!

While I have discussed a lot of issues concerning Pinoy Pride and the like, I think it's best I should also write againstPinoy pessimism. I know some Pinoys have had enough of facing the bad citizens of the country at a daily basis which I admit, it's very annoying. I can see there are Pinoys who are law-abiding, they follow simple guidelines and they want a better life. However, they tend to have all their pessimism like saying, "Philippines has no hope!"

When I think about how bad Filipinos can tell decent Filipinos stuff like, "Eh di pumunta ka sa ibang bansa?" or "Why don't you go to another country?", it's also just as stupid as, "The Philippines has no hope. That's it, I am LEAVING!" I always remembered the time when I really wanted to move to the United States of America without thinking of the consequences. My reasons for wanting to leave the Philippine was because of people who borrow money and never pay you back, because of people who are habitually tardy, because of the culture of dysfunction plus I'll admit, I really hated studying Tagalog when I was a child. I thought if I went to America, my life would be easy without realizing that American life is anything but a hassle free life because there is NO such thing as a hassle free life. Some people try to hit big in America but only end up as the same losers as they are before.

I have also observed how some Filipinos can also say, "The Philippines is the worst place on Earth. Everywhere else is better." I just want to ask these pessimistic people saying, "Well do you know most of the South American countries are worse than the Philippines and Mexico is just one of them? Have you been to Bangladesh where sanitation is of very low priority? Have you been to the impoverished parts of Africa that are worse than the Philippines? Have you been to North Korea where economic restrictions are even worse?" While I don't want to say that the Philippines doesn't need to improve because there are countries worse than it, however before anybody can say the Philippines is the worst place on Earth, they may have not yet been to countries worse than the Philippines. Plus, Imperial Manila is NOT the whole Philippines.

It also made me think that whenever I discuss about Jose Rizal, these pessimists also have the "Eh Sino Ka? Hero?" mentality in their own way that is, they think heroism is stupid and that escaping to another country is the easiest way out of their problems. I remembered the discussion when people told me that Jose Rizal should have just moved to another country and that in what he did, he deserved to be shot in Bagumbayan. What they don't realize is that Rizal didn't aim for fame and that, he may have taken the risk that his writings may be forgotten but at least, he wanted to fight for a better Philippines. It also reminded me of the statement by some pessimists who tell me that the late Ninoy Aquino should have just taken his whole family to America and live there rather than oppose the Marcos administrationwith its long string of human rights violations. Whenever I think about Ninoy or Rizal, I think that my pessimistic attitude isn't helping me at all.

What pessimists may ignore is that the developed countries they want to migrate to were not always developed as it was today. When I read about Singapore's history hoping to learn from it, I never imagined that the Singapore I so admire was a very poor nation when it first gained its independence. It made me think what if Lee Kwan Yew decided to be a pessimist. What if he just said, "Oh Singapore is hopeless. Look at all the people here and there. It will never rise up. I'll just leave." then what would be Singapore today? Maybe if Lee Kwan Yew were a pessimistic man then I don't think Singapore today would be a progressive country. Instead, it would still be a floating slum of people. Maybe Singapore today would have become so polluted that maybe, the need to fire a missile at it would be necessary to save the other islands from contamination. A real cultural revolution took place not because of pessimism but because of optimism combined with realism and hard work. Singapore today would not be the Singapore today if Lee were a pessimistic man.

If there's anything that prevents some places in the Philippines from a total collapse is because some areas in the Philippines decide to be realistic optimists. Optimism can be good but the wrong kind of optimism kills. It's not enough to have a positive mindset as it must be accompanied by realistic goals and hard work. If you want to know what's making some areas in Visayas prosperous is because of Filipino officials who beg to differ from the system of Imperial Manila. There's a problem, they tackle it and they aim to develop their areas. Even if they cannot change the whole Philippines but at least, they can start to introduce change for the better. Remember that it's CoRRECT Movement NOT Crush the Philippines Movement, it's Get Real Philippines NOT Good Riddance Philippines and it's not Anti-FLIPFAG Movement for a Blasted Philippines but Anti-FLIPFAG Mentality Movement for a Better Philippines.