OFW-Related Bad Incidents Happen Due To A Refusal To FOLLOW GUIDELINES

Last August 16, 2015 I found a post at Kicker Daily that mentioned at least 34 Filipino workers were arrested for carrying in their bags stuff like stun guns and tasers. It was already forewarned beforehand by DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz towards Filipinos going to Hong Kong for whatever reason to FOLLOW the rules of the respect the country's customs. However such was not the case and certain reports of such related incidents showed otherwise. In 2013, sixty-eight seafaring Filipinos were captured for possessing unlicensed firearms and fifty seven of them in 2012, in 2014 we have have eighty one Filipinos guilty of the same offense of unlicensed firearms.

Why do these overseas Filipinos incidents keep happening? As said, Baldoz had already said about OFWs should learn the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar by heart. I don't think they really bothered to learn it by heart much less really attend it. If they attended it, they did not take it seriously. It's very much related to simple guidelines as as said, how can the Philippines succeed if a lot of its people just refuse to follow simple guidelines? Following simple guidelines goes a long way because if you can't be trusted with little, how can you be trusted with much. Unfortunately, many Filipinos want to be trusted with much even if they haven't been trusted with little like they want a promotion without passing through the lower jobs first which is STUPID.

This just reminds me of the stupidity above which were from last 2012, 2013 and 2015 with some Filipinos thinking that they are taking over the world via OFWs never mind W means WORKER. If you are a worker, you work for somebody. When I thought of them bringing unauthorized firearms, I always thought about this whether or not those idiots were thinking of taking over Hong Kong with their firearms? Wow, if they were thinking of doing that, they are half-asleep as those idiots who think the Philippines stands a chance against China the way it is now.

Sad to say but I noticed how so many Filipinos tend to ignore their worker status even in their home country. It's just like my experience I scolded that annoying former manservant and he answered back, "Huwag mo akong pagalitan, hindi ako pinagalitan ng nanay ko." or "Don't scold me! My mother never scolded me!". If they can't even follow rules in their own home country, I don't expect them to follow rules abroad.

I also think of the statement that was said from one of the comments from Kicker Daily saying, "Ang tigas ng ulo pagkatapos ang gobyerno ang sisihin." or "They are hard-headed and after that, they blame the government." That reminds me of how stupid Migrante International is that they deserve to be called Migraine International as they keep defending the guilty citizens of the Philippineswith the stupid cover-up culture. Do you remember the three drug mules last March 30, 2011? I don't think the three of them were unaware that they were bringing harmful drugs. They keep blaming President Nobita Aquino for all their mishaps that while he is not clean either, however you cannot deny that it's NOT his fault that those Filipinos who broke the law abroad are going to jail. Don't start raising on me the Commission on Human Rights because that organization has long promoted a culture of impunity.

I am amazed at how many Filipinos just repeat the five steps in the cycle of stupidity that turns them into Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations (FLIPFAG). Just remember, narcotics and medications share a lot of common ingredients. Likewise, the Pinoy is that "raw material" used to either produce the enlightened Filipino that works for a better Philippines or the Failipino (Failure of a Filipino) who hates his country without knowing it. All I can say is, "When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?" because the cycle of stupidity repeats itself.