Many Filipinos Have Very Thick Faces And Very Thin Skins At The Same Time

Have you heard of the expressions "ang kapal ng mukha" and "ang manipis naman ng balat"? In English, those refer to having a thick face and thin skin. Thick face means you hardly have a sense of shame and having a thin skin means you have a fragile ego. Unfortunately, many Filipinos suffer from the problem of having both a thick face and a thin skin at the same time. How is that possible? Just read on and find out!

Maybe I should talk about the prevalence of the Failipino trait of being thick-faced or having no sense of shame. The fact that they don't follow simple guidelines may spring from a wrong sense of entitlement or the VIP mentality. It can be observed that a lot of Filipinos choose not to follow even the most basic rules like no littering, no spitting and even basic traffic rules acting like they ownt he road. Perhaps the most well-known bad value is that ofparty crashing or inviting themselves when then they aren't invited to the party. When I mean by party crashing, they can visit your house and act like they own the place. The bad habit of being habitually late also shows that they indeed have a thick face and the nerve to call it "Filipino time" is really implying that they think time (or people) should wait for them because they are Filipinos. Worse, the fact they act like they the the most powerful race on the world proves they have that very thick face.

The other trait worth talking about is having a very thin skin. I would like to joke that most of their skin layers are on their faces so the rest of their body isn't protected as much as the face. If your skin was literally too thin and your face was literally too thick, the more the rest of your body would be literally sensitive to pain right? It's really something that a lot of Filipinos love to insult others but when it backfires (oh the hypocrisy) or somebody gives them some constructive criticism, they erupt like crazy even if it was done as nicely as possible. What is worse is that even as adults, a lot of Filipinos are so thin-skinned that they think with their emotions blinding them like how they are easily ruled over by paranoia. They are so easily affected even by the slightest offense. You can think of how people in the Philippines easy sue over the most nonsense reasons which I dub is supported by the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law which ends up giving people the right to sue people over the slightest offenses.

Besides, having a thick face and thin skin is in fact common in politics too. When I think about those thick faced officials who have no sense of shame, just wait until they are criticized and the critic may get unjustly punished. If you remember the martial law years, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was also pretty much a person with a thick face and thin skin with how certain journalists got arrested for simply criticizing him. President Nobita Aquino is no different as he wanted to make the anti-cybercrime law made constitutional together with the stupid libel clause. That libel clause would allow politicians to lock anyone up for voicing against them even if the same person isn't inciting sedition. When you think of it, who else would have put people with thick faces and thin skin into power but the same kind of idiots right in a very stupid democracy.


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