Many Filipinos Are Very Insensitive Towards Others But Are Too Sensitive About Themselves!

Failipinos are indeed like Loki of Marvel Comics and Norse mythology... read this post to find out why!

It's a real problem in the Philippines that many Filipinos are very insensitive towards others but they are very sensitive about themselves. You may think about the most recent elevator and escalator mishaps in China... Google them and find out that there are many Filipinos who are posting very insensitive comments against the Chinese people. I just thought instead of saying like, "We better be careful that those incidents don't happen in the Philippines." they instead say, "Horray China is going down! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!" while hypocritically indulging in Tanduay or eating at Jollibee. The amount of insensitivity towards others is just very alarming.

I always thought about how many Filipinos indulge in the Failipino sense of humor. they are a group of insensitive people when it comes to other people. I always noticed how there's usually a smile in their faces only when others are miserable. Doesn't that remind you of, "If I'm not happy neither can you be happy." mentality? I always thought about how they take pride in trolling others whether it's on the Internet or in person with their claims like, "I'm just here to expose to everyone on how stupid you really are!" while they are really calling the kettle black. It really gets either amusing or irritating to watch people who are stupid call the smart ones stupid but they are the ones who are really stupid.

Now let's think of what if things don't go their way and ruin their unhealthy and unwholesome type of fun. So let's just say somebody throws a nasty joke back at them and they cry "FOUL" to it in their sheer hypocrisy. The reason is simple... because for them, the world revolves round them and this might also be accompanied by their idiotology that Filipinos are the master race. It was never about being fair because many Filipinos just ignore the value of give and take. Besides, you may even want to check all the angry exchange of comments between some ultranationalist Singaporeans and ultranationalist Filipinos during the time Edz Ello's incident went viral. Believe me, both sides gave me a lot of cancer considering that those Singaporeans who hate Filipinos in general aren't any better than the ultranationalistic Filipinos.

It just reminds me of how Loki in Marvel Comics is indeed a sore loser with a bloated ego. Do you ever notice that Loki likes to make fun of others even at the expense of their welfare but gets mad when his own plans backfire? Sad to say but I can't help but compare the Failipino attitude to Loki because of what I just said earlier. It made me think of how Failipinos just keep ignoring the golden rule which says, "Do not do unto others as you do not want others to do unto you." which again, they may dismiss it because Confucius (Kong Tzu) is Chinese while they hypocritically eat at the dimsum after they rally against China.