Joseph Pabaya Needs To Ride The MRT And All Public Transportation For A Year!

Nothing is more irritating than to think how the Philippines can be degraded into a society of anti-intellectuals where stupid is smart and smart is stupid.  Joseph Abaya errrr Pabaya is no exception and while people say I should stop with the name calling one way or another. It's really something I would really dare Pabaya to do with how he neglected the Metro Railway Transit for the past five years, how he thinks traffic is "hindi naman siguro fatal yan"... now it's time for me to really issue out this challenge to this moron.

If he thinks traffic is not fatal and that the MRT is okay, he hasn't felt the problems of the people living in Metro Manila. I really want him to try riding the MRT and take public transportation for a year in Metro Manila. That is an exact 365 days from today that he should really be allowed to feel the pain of the commuters. No more private transportation! Let him experience the life that's the traffic jungle that's Metro Manila like every other citizen. That way, he may soon see that he's nothing more than a delusional idiot!