Enjoying One's Blunder Is A Psychological Drug In The Philippines!

I always thought about how many Filipinos have their mentality that they just want to be happy all the time even when that is not possible. Others tend to say, "You can't find happiness in what the other person has spoken." as an excuse to enjoy their blunder. What's worse is that there's the problem of anti-intellectualism prevails in society which is a pretty serious problem. Why do people prefer to remain ignorant and uneducated? Let me guess, it's because their stupid pride is like having an overdose of pain relievers. They just want pain relievers all the time so they don't have to feel pain.

It's good to tell a person something to feel good but never at the cost of withholding bad news that he or she needs to know. Unfortunately, the Philippines is one country that treats praise and compliment as a narcotic rather than as a prescription drug. It's just like how marijuana is used either for medical reasons or for recreational reasons. Marijuana should be legalized for medical reasons but never for recreational reasons. Sure, I can approve of marijuana treatment for cancer and other related diseases but they must be administered by a professional physician. If you know the history of recreational marijuana it can lead to problems like losing one's state of mind, nausea or vomiting. I've heard how people use recreational marijuana to forget their problems. That is very different from legalizing and advocatingmedical marijuana to fight cancer cells and extreme pain.

The problem is that a lot of Filipinos choose to enjoy their blunder and they hate it whenever somebody tells them the truth of the issue. With the previous example of the use of marijuana for either recreational or medical use, enjoying your blunder is like using marijuana for recreational use. Now patients with extreme pain should be entitled to medical marijuana but never to people who just want to enjoy their blunder. As said, anything in excess can kill you and why narcotics kill people is because they possess an excess of something that should be beneficial. When I read about some drug addicts, some of them indulged in recreational marijuana, opium and shabu in order to forget their problems and just be "happy happy".

Is the Philippines really a nation of happy people? I beg to differ because when I think about the smiles of many Filipinos is the sad reality that the nation is indeed sad. When I thought about some former drug addicts that were interviewed, they admit they were laughing when they were high but deep inside they are miserable. It's just like how so many people laugh and frolic a lot, like how street children run around even naked, playing around, but deep within I doubt it these people are really happy. They can go ahead and spend their money like there's no tomorrow but they end up worrying about their basic needs like payment of utilities (water, electricity) and food. They almost have no food and that they have to scrape off from the garbage cans just to eat a meal. On the other hand, not enjoying your blunder goes a long way to fixing a problem.

When you stop enjoying your blunder, there is really a sweeter fruit of satisfaction. Even if you may not be living by the billions (not everyone is called for it anyway) but if you can at least have a stable income, you have a proper job (or business) and you are able to eat three meals a day, get your basic needs met, you live in a modest home, you have a clean toilet... you really would think that you have a more real smile in your face. You may have a bigger smile on your face when your boss promotes you or when your business does better. So stop enjoying your blunder and get your lazy ass off to work!