The VIP Mentality Is Prevalent In The Philippines!

The acronym V.I.P means Very Important Person.  Even if the One Direction concert is over, I still can't get over the comedy of overreacting when the One Direction VIP ticket got sold out and how some of those who overreacted were not teenagers but ADULTS which for me is very funny and at the same time, face-palming because some of the fans were very mature and composed when their expectations weren't met. I guess it's because of their wrong sense of entitlement that caused them to behave with such stupidity isn't it? Sad to say but the problem among those annoying Pinoys called Failipinos is their tendency to have that incredibly pompous attitude of thinking that they are VIPs. It's a huge wrong sense of entitlement which may stem from the stupidity of believing that they are part of some kind of master race. Another, I want to think about the bad legacy that Imperial Spanish colonies in the past have left on the Philippines.

What must be understood is the nature of a VIP ticket. Let's say I had a VIP ticket to the Henshin Con 2015 (which I sadly had no time even if I had money I could use) but again, can the event wait for me? Can I demand the actors Kazunori Inaba (Takeru/Red Mask) and Kei Shindachiya (Ken/Five Blue) to go to my house just because I have the VIP ticket to the event? Can I be late and not get closed if I have the VIP ticket?  Does it give me all the unlimited privileges like being late?  Absolutely NOT AT ALL. But the problem of several Filipinos is they tend to believe that not only are they VIPs but they are more than VIPs. Even real VIPs know that even if they have the highest honor, they must still show up on time in a gathering or miss the gathering. Even if they get to get in first but they can lose that privilege because there are other people and not just them. Even if you are a VIP to any event, it does not give you the right to break rules or be boisterous. Sad to say but that's not how most Filipinos want to view the VIP privilege, for them it's unlimited privilege even if VIP tickets are still attached to rules.

I would assume the value of habitual tardiness which is poorly labeled as "Filipino Time" is rooted again in the VIP mentality, again it's best to call it "Failipino Time" because they FAIL to uphold what Filipino time really means. Filipino time means you follow Philippine standard time, not one hour later after Philippine standard time. It reminded me of the arrogance of some of my classmates back in College who would show up very late during lectures and have the audacity to tell the professor she is an unreasonable idiot. Who's unreasonable? The professor showed up at the schedule that was assigned to her... they didn't show up at the schedule that was assigned to them all in the name of "Filipino Time". They acted like they were somebody huge even if in reality, they were wayward students with parents who were having financial difficulty. I have also observed how often these habitually tardy people act like as if everybody must wait for them. They tend to say ridiculous stuff like,"Time will wait for me!  I am Father Time's VIP!" It's a very deluded statement to say that time will wait for you.  It's so amazing really how these people fail to realize that their habitual tardiness is a major contributor to inefficiency everywhere they go. Decent Pinoys should have every right to protest against their Failipino co-workers because tolerating such a habit means rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent.

It may also explain why so Overseas Failipino Workers get entangled with so many offenses that bring shame to the Philippines. Worse, the Overseas Failipino Workers may have harmed any decent-minded Overseas Filipino Worker in the process. I wonder if they even remember that W in OFW means WORKER that is, they are UNDER the authority of the country they are working in. In what country you are in for whatever reason like tourism, business or employment FOLLOW THE RULES. It's stupid how the Overseas Failipinos just don't follow the rules, again why do they think they are taking over the world? It's really a wrong sense of entitlement that puts every decent Filipino overseas in a bad name. I am just happy that some overseas Filipinos who are decent-minded have spoke against the poor choice of becoming a Failipino. Worse, the same habit of Failipino activists (who keep playing the stupid victim card) to protest against other countries when they should condemn not condone the sins of guilty Filipinos. Execution of a guilty Filipino is not racial discrimination compared to mistreating a Filipino who has done nothing wrong because he or she is a Filipino.