The Commission On "Human Rights" Contributes To A Culture Of Impunity In The Philippines

"Isusumbong talaga kita sa Commission on Human Rights (CHR)!" or "I will report you over to the Commission of Human Rights." are such words that I hear whenever a person is scolded or punished for an offense that called for it. It's no surprise her predecessor was Leila Dilemma who became the Justice Secretary and that she was President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino's choice. This organization is creating a culture of impunityespecially if it refuses to differentiate dictatorship from discipline. I hate to be a broken record but the democracy of the Philippines is more of a democrazy.

Why do some people think I'm a Communist or a dictator? It's because I believe in a disciplinarian government where offenses are offenses. I believe that democracy is not a do what you want government, I admire Singapore for its strict policies and how they don't care who breaks the law even if its a foreigner and that the Philippines cannot progress if people refuse to follow guidelines. Some stupid fat American said, "Well the Philippines is a moral society." He is really dreaming or two, knowing that he hates rules, he's probably only appealing to laws and morals for his convenience especially when he said something as stupid as, "I will kill myself if I have to follow all those rules in Singapore! Fined for littering? Fined for this and that! I will kill myself with all those rules!"

So what is CHR really doing? It's really defending the rights of offenders and criminals. Back in 2011, Etta Rosales stated that the Chinese government is a human rights violator for executing the three drug mules rather than cite concrete examples of how the latter is a human rights violator. Instead of pointing out that China's now relaxed one child policy is inhuman, she only cited the execution of criminals as what is inhuman. I don't know exactly what's running in her brain but her actions suggest that she's always defending the rights of criminals. I hate to admit but while Changgi Prison in Singapore or the prison houses in China are giving criminals what they deserve, in the Philippines, special treatment is given to criminals if they are wealthy. Or worse, Etta dares call the incident at Mamasapano as just a misencounter not a massacre. It's really stupid if you ask me.

I was already thinking how anti-spanking bills are passed every now and then, confusing them with child abuse. It has already become an offense for a teacher to spank a student's hands when they deserve it, confusing it with inappropriate punishments like public humiliation or throwing them out of the window. Soon enough, children will be able to phone the Commission on Human Rights anywhere around the Philippines should their parents scold them or spank them where spanking and scolding will be confused with inhuman punishment such as beating a child up black and blue or threatening to hurt a child with a knife type of punishments. Teachers may as well get jailed for discilipining the student confusing it with acts that teachers should not do like physical assault. The whole organization is nothing more than a body that keeps confusing discipline with dictatorship.

I could also imagine how CHR may soon consider it a violation of human rights to give reasonable fines to people for their civil offenses such as taking a wrong turn. They may soon say that Singapore is a violator of human rights for giving fines for offenses such as littering, spitting anywhere, water wasting, flower picking and not flushing to name a few? If you ask me, a country like Singapore is progressive not only because it balances free trade and economic restrictions but also because most of its people there can follow guidelines properly. Soon enough, school authorities that scold their students for littering may face the same punishment as school authorities who really did something inappropriate to their profession. It would be because parents may soon report the teacher who rightfully scolded the student for littering to the CHR resulting to a very well undeserved punishment.

All I can say is that the CHR is not really defending human rights. It's an organization that promotes impunity by defending the rights of offenders and ignoring the offended. Sad to say but this is the culture of the Philippines that brings more and more stupidity to the country.