Fighting The Spread of Fake Rice (Allegedly From Chinese Crooks) Is Easier Said Than Done!

Knowing how the current government of China is wary of the conditions their society suffers, look no further for an event where illegal Chinese may soon flood fake rice by huge batches in the Philippines.  After reading National Food Authority (NFA) and Department of Agriculture (DA) with corruption and incompetence charges one after the other, one can consider how the problem may be easier said than done.  I really am even suspecting Corazon "Stinky" Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) might soon be another reason why fake rice would be spreading like an epidemic in the Philippines.

The issue of the fake rice is that it's made from potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic shaped into grains.  I was wondering what the manufacturers are after, just had me thinking that illegal Chinese (and China gets unfairly used as the scapegoat) may soon find some joy in spreading this evil epidemic.  If they would do their trade in their country, they are most likely to face the chopping board.  So with good old Stinky, some money under the table, bribe the government agencies and they get their fake rice sold here and there.  I am even thinking that Stinky may soon buy the fake rice as relief goods.

Knowing that the Philippines belongs to the Pacific Belt of Fire, it's prone to typhoons and earthquakes.  Every time an earthquake hits and causes damage, you cannot deny how damage will happen.  Typhoons hit here and there coupled with hardheaded people who refuse to follow guidelines combined with a habitual state of unpreparedness, expect much disaster to happen than controlled.  With the issue of the spoiled DSWD relief goods, I am thinking that a corrupt person like Stinky might soon want to avail of fake rice as part of destroying social welfare and development instead of developing it.  Worse, she may be backed up by the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) even if Etta Rosales is no longer its chairperson.  If not her, any person who may continue her style would be a real menace.

When I think about the whole melanine scandal, the Chinese government back in 2008 killed Zheng Xiaoyou and a lot of his accomplices as they deserved it.  Meanwhile, the Philippines is really sick with a culture of impunity left and right.  The hypocrisy of pro-life has only not only removed death penalty but failed to really give people deserving reclusion perpetua or life imprisonment proper punishment, especially CHR just stands for Criminals Have Rights instead of defending the victim.  I'm afraid a lot of Filipinos will really die from the fake rice scandal due to neglect.