The Stupidity Of Aiming For A "Sariling Atin Only" Driven Economy For The Philippines

I did write about those ultranationalist FLIPFAGs who are utter hypocrites, they act like as if they aren't using anything imported or born out of foreign influence. Some people have the vision of a Philippines that can "stand on its own" and "everything will be Filipino made" which turn, they seek to kick out foreigners while hypocritically using IMPORTED stuff like computers, television sets, cameras, smartphones, having social network accounts like Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter or even their own personal website. Wait, didn't they say that they want to kick out foreign influence and view foreigners generally as "oppressors" in exchange for their stupid "Sariling Atin Only" mentality.

Let's just think about Philippine history... did the Philippines develop on its own? Remember contemporary Pinoy culture is not what the natives had. Pinoy culture was developed by the history of the Philippines - the Pinoy natives traded with foreign merchants, the archipelago was united UNDER IMPERIAL SPAIN hence it was named after King Philip I, it was occupied by Imperial Japan during World War II and a ten year commonwealth period with the United States of America. On July 4, 1946, the Philippines truly became its own state. June 12, 1898 was victory against Spain day. Again, do you know much of Filipino culture is a blend of foreign culture in the first place?

Do you want to know how nations started to develop for the better? It was not by sariling atin only mentality but because of FOREIGN INVESTMENT. The idea that free trade is foreign invasion is stupid because for one, are progressive countries ruled by foreigners? No, the government still rules them and even every foreign firm is still RULED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT. China may grant you flexible joint ventures to 100% ownership but YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OR FACE CONSEQUENCES. Even if you have 100% ownership, you still need to comply with the Chinese government's economic zone policies. It would be better to be under a foreign taskmaster who is directly controlled by one's government than to be an OFW to be under a foreign taskmaster who is ruled by their home country. If abuses ever happen due to a foreign boss, the Philippine government will have direct right to rebuke that foreigner rather than if the foreigner was ruling in his own country. When you have foreign investment under a reasonable degree of restriction and giving healthy competition, local businesses can also benefit to having foreign businesses as either their customers or suppliers. An Italian restaurant may buy Filipino-made flour or a Filipino bakeshop may buy apples from a foreign business to make apple pies. Both of them however bow down to the country where business is operated. Where you do business, obey the laws of that land!

When I think about the local products I am buying, don't tell me that they don't use imported stuff in making the products and two, don't tell me the ships used for shipment didn't have any imported parts in them? If you are eating in a Filipino food restaurant, don't tell me that their appliances such as sound system and airconditioner were Filipino-made? If I watch a local TV show or for those telebasura fans, don't tell me that their favorite TV network ABiaS-CBN isn't using any imported equipment in filming their garbage? Like it or not, for the Philippines to truly be optimized and to be "sariling atin only" at the same time, it must first create its own appliances, utilities, etc. but the problem is, it's a very difficult task these days. Do you know why some Filipino businesses succeed? It's because they are not afraid to grab quality wherever it is and they are willing to swallow their stupid Pinoy Pride compared to Failipino businesses who have their stupid "sariling atin only" mentality as if they aren't using anything imported.

For the purpose of illustration, I can also give an illustration of two Pinoys who run a business. The first Pinoy is a decent Filipino. The second Pinoy is a Failipino. Let's say that both Pinoys are running a Filipino food restaurant. The first Pinoy would make sure he only gets quality for his restaurant whenever needed, he would make sure that his business was in top condition even if he had to employ services from foreigners hence giving him good quality and every decent person was welcome to eat plus he isn't supporting leeches and he's managing his money properly after he learned monetary tips from his Chinese supplier. The second Pinoy on the other hand due to his ultranationalist views would rather use rotten equipment that were Philippine-made while hypocritically watching ABiaS-CBN's telenovelas on a TV set made in Tsina and having a Facebook page on a MAC he got from an OFW relative and now he's supporting leeches plus he's an overspender, he would want to be "authentically Filipino" even at the cost of quality and he would not even allow foreigners to eat in his restaurant because of Penoy Prayd. Now the results are simple... the first Pinoy businessman will sooner or later gain more profits than the second one is destined for more failure in the long run.

All I can say is, we can't afford to keep with the sariling atin only mentality. Those ultranationalists should consider that the shitty services they keep receiving is because of too much protection. Do you even know why we should even study International Marketing? As much as I believe a nation should have its own independence when it comes to political matters, however nations should learn to have mutual interdependence. The Philippines itself has potential for exports like copra, rice and mangoes but fails to meet it no thanks to a "sariling atin only" mentality by most Filipinos. Only then if the Philippines stops its stupid dark ages mentality can it truly have a bright future.


  1. Your illustration of two Pinoys running a business is pretty much like what Antipinoy related in one of its posts.

  2. I hate it when they are forcing others to buy and love their mediocre products. If people don't like then there must be something wrong or unappealing to it and not because they have colonial mentality.Fuck ultranationalistas.


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