Stinky Soliman May Soon Become The Illegal Chinese Businessmen's Best Friend!

When I read of the recent food problems that the Chinese government is doing their best to handle like 40-year old smuggled meat (it was frozen), fake rice, fake eggs and dog meat at Yulin which are all unsafe for human consumption, I can't help but think illegal Chinese may soon have found their best friend in Stinky Soliman. Whether Stinky goes to China or not is not much of the issue. Even if Stinky may not set foot in China but think of how illegal Chinese can take advantage of the culture of impunity in the Philippines. Pay customs with money under the table, pay the NBI a huge sum, pay the Bureau of Internal Robbery and Kill will kill your competition, appeal to the Commission of Human Rights to protect your criminal rights, etc. then all those illegal Chinese can start their foothold in the Philippines... plus they have an army of lazy Pinoys all ready to be used for their unscrupulous operations.

So how can Stinky become the illegal Chinese businessmen's best friend soon enough? Note that I am just speculating here and there but I am using some facts about Stinky herself. Do you remember the Typhoon Haiyan incident where she gave out rotten relief goods? It made me think of how illegal Chinese businessmen can sell her their dangerous food items for a very cheap price. She might even be another good reason why illegal Chinese will flourish like crazy when such illegal migrants should either be deported back to China or better yet, executed and their bodies sent back to their loved ones in China. If the Philippines were really serious about fighting crime, I don't think illegal Chinese would like our country if we were serious with crime. Remembering all those Chinese drug dealers that got their just desserts, illegal Chinese were not much of a problem back then! But again, with Stinky around the corner, they may have their best friend.

She might soon start distributing all the smuggled meat as "fresh meat", fake rice as "rice" and whatever when a disaster strikes. It always made me think that such an unscrupulous woman might soon end up poisoning the country. Worse, what if she's going to feed all these fake food and rotten meat to the soldiers of the Philippines? We'll have a sickly army that won't be able to withstand a huge onslaught from a gigantic power like China itself!