Senator Bongbong Marcos' Junking BBL Proves He's Probably Smarter Than His Archenemy President Nobita Aquino!

All I can say is, even if I personally don't like the Marcoses and I don't like the Aquinos, but I'll give credit where credit is due. I really applaud Bongbong Marcos for actually doing things that President Nobita Aquino has failed to do like being there when the bodies of the SAF 44 arrived (Nobita was at the Mitsubishi inauguration) or as of late, he junked Bangasamoron Basic law while on the other hand, President Nobita dares to reinstate that idiot Alan Impurisima aka Bobocop back in action.

Now I am still angry with the fact that Senator Bongbong hasn't answered to any of his pork barrel charges or two, the non-recovery of the Marcos wealth (then again, the Aquinos may have also a lot of hidden wealth the nation doesn't know about) but in due fairness, he actually revealed a lot of loopholes and flaws of the Bangasamoron Basic Law, saying that it must be further studied because it may soon create more bloodshed in Mindanao. What's really stupid is that you give ARMM their separate state, you are giving them a private army that may soon take over the Philippines.

Again, will I really want another Marcos presidency? Still absolutely not. While I can credit Senator Bongbong for going against President Nobita's stupidity or doing a better job, but still he carries a dynasty of corruption. He should return all the Marcos wealth to the national treasury and compensate all the martial law victims instead of becoming another Marcos dictator.


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