Have you ever thought why ABiaS-CBN is the top favorite network of the Philippines? Do you ever wonder why most people like ABiaS-CBN News Channel? Sad to say but the Philippines is a culture based on sensationalism than truth. Also, the Failipino culture fails to address the reality of the truth when it hurts, it chooses to sort out the truth and exaggerate the truth to suit one's needs. Do you know why GMA-7 is less popular than ABiaS-CBN? GMA-7 as much as I don't like most of its programs, however tries to deliver the news as unbiased as possible. ABiaS-CBN chooses to sensationalize just about everything.

I have noticed how yellow journalism is a real problem in the Philippines. Yellow journalism is best defined as, "Using melodrama, romance and hyperbole to sell your media." Sensationalism also means, "the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement." The bigger problem behind fighting yellow journalism is that the people of the Philippines love to have it. They don't want the plain truth, they only want their ears tickled and Rappler is one of the worst culprits of sensationalism or yellow journalism.

One of the worst sensationalist scenarios done by ABiaS-CBN is no thanks to Noli De Castro. What he did was simple as ever... to exaggerate the news at the expense of accuracy. For example, do you remember the Lily aswang case? Although my memory about it is blur as ever, I cannot get over the stupidity of the scenario. There was a real existent murder case and instead of sticking to the truth, they would say, "Authorities have suspected that the killer was an aswang." They would say something like, "Then the killer turned from a cat to a snake to..." and well insert every animal you can think of. Sad to say it goes as far as to even use a quack prophet to justify the whole issue of, "Well the flesh eating disease in Pangasinan was part of Prophet Sadhu's prophecy." Wow, the stupidity never stops doesn't it... yet sadly because the Philippines is so filled with STUPID PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE SO SMART, THEY KEEP BUYING THE SAME B.S. ALL OVER AGAIN! Worse, parents teach their children not to lie but they keep lying to them. You have to admit that... the Philippines is a double-standard society!

Why can't we just separate Kris and State?! Every time something happens to Kris, it gets sensationalized. Whether it was her affair with Philip Salvador or her affair with Joey Marquez, her shaky relationship with her ex-husband James Yap or it's about anything about her like Bimby getting bitten by his dog Prada, that Thai that got mad at her... IT GETS SENSATIONALIZED. Sad to say but Kris herself is a bad model for all her viewers like wrecking other people's families to her attention whoring just about everything. It's really getting annoying as she is a weapon of mass distraction! Sorry Kris but every decent Pinoy thinks you're really not an important issue at all!

Isn't it REALLY NOT SURPRISING how ABiaS-CBN News Network is saying, "We are Asia's Next Miracle!" never mind, that unemployment is still sky high, Ninoy Aquino International Airport is still in the top ten WORST AIRPORTS in the world, never mind that the economy suffers from too many restrictions, etc.? Really, if Philippines is really Asia's next miracle, tell me then how BRIGHT IS THE FUTURE?!

All I can say is, sad to say but the Failipino culture is all about just what tickles their ears rather than the truth that needs to be told. It's a sad fact that the Philippines has more Failipinos than decent Filipinos/Pinoys who truly care about the country.