Today is the so-called Philippine Independence Day because if you want to review your history, the Philippines did not truly become its own state until June 4, 1949. Get the facts straight, Diosdado Macapagal simply changed the date but that does not change the facts. June 12, 1898 is more of Philippines' victory against Spain day. However the victory is short-lived and even when the Spaniards were overthrown, there were more colonizers. The Americans took over the Spanish regime and in-between, Imperial Japan made Philippines as part of its empire.

From 1521 to 1898, the Philippines was under Imperial Spanish rule. After all, the name Philippines was derived from King Philip I of Spain. Spain brought its culture to the Philippines - like don't tell me that the traditional Filipiniana attire were native to the Philippines? Prior to Spanish colonization, the archipelago was mostly a native country until all 7,107 islands were united under Spanish rule. The term "Filipino" or "Philipino" was for anybody in Spain who became a citizen of the colony. It would be very important to know how Spain actually influenced much of the Philippines for the worse as well. It is true that Spain did get the Philippines out of the stone age but it also influenced the Philippines for the worse. You may want to see how a lot of South American nations (mostly under Spanish colonization) are even worse than the Philippines.

If you think of it, Imperial Spain's occupation of the Philippines itself had introduced some of the habits FLIPFAGs have today. Even if Imperial Spain was overthrown from the Philippines, but some of the worst habits remained. You can take a look at the following:

Manana habit

The words "mamaya na" were derived from manana, considering that the Filipino language of today had much of Spanish influence. Manana habit is just another word for PROCRASTINATION, that is putting what you can do today for some other time until the project is either badly done or never done because you wait for the deadline. It just reminded me of how this habit was done by some stupid classmate of mine who chose to spend her time partying in Boracay and only made her scrapbook on the DAY of the deadline itself. This can also be associated with the culture of being late with the stupid idea that time will wait for them.

The onion-skinned attitude

Whenever I reread the history of Spanish colonization, the Spaniards were a bunch of pretty onion-skinned people. Jose Rizal DID NOT even incite arms or rebellion, he simply wrote against the abuses of Spain and for reforms. He was showing the flaws of society and what did they do? They had him shot for criticizing them. Sad to say but FLIPFAG culture is also very onion skinned. It's really a culture that cannot accept constructive criticism at all. They can think of calling a person harsh, stupid, jealous, go back to your country, tell a Filipino-Chinese to go back to China, declare persona non-grata for some criticism that was offered to improve the country.

Fiesta mentality

Now nothing is wrong with having fun but again, you CANNOT have it all the time. From what I heard from my history teacher in the past, she said that fiestas were introduced by the Spaniards to distract the natives from the truth. Hmmm... if they did, they did a good job considering that from 1521 to 1898, they had a strong grip and they had a strong grip with their South American territories as well. The fiesta mentality sadly keeps a lot of people poor because they are partying like there is no tomorrow. At the same time, fiestas tend to serve too much sweet stuff which could reflect a dysfunctional culture.


I don't think it were the Americans who first introduced overspending but the Spaniards. I just mentioned about the fiesta mentality but overspending is another. I noticed how overspending is a prevalent culture in the Philippines. I have noticed how they think lifestyle not savings is an indicator of one's wealth which can be connected to EPAL. For them, you don't have the latest stuff is because you're poor (WOW) never mind that a person may have the latest stuff but is broke as a joke. Like I just thought I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and my much richer aunt doesn't have the latest model... but my much richer aunt is still richer than I am based on savings!

Gate crashing

I don't know whether this is true or not but gate-crashing may have been influenced by the Spaniards as well. Remembering Noli Me Tangere's first few chapters, there was a scene of a gathering and people gate-crashing or coming in uninvited. Today FLIPFAGs have their bad habit of gate crashing. Worse, some of them even come in with a table full of companions adding to the expenses of the hosts than intended... and NOT even paying for it. Wow, I guess this creates the welfare state mentality.

Not to mention, an attitude of arrogance

What may be observed is how FLIPFAGs are very arrogant which they think they are the most powerful race in the world. Doesn't that sound familiar? Back then, the Spaniards thought they were the most powerful race but they were defeated by Queen Elizabeth's forces. The Spanish Armada fell down and Jose Rizal brought that matter up in one of his classes. Sad to say but even if the Philippies overthrew Spain but the same values remained... which later mutated into FLIPFAG culture.