Lea Salonga-Chien's Tweet May Have Indirectly Exposed Her Fair-Weathered Fans!

When I thought of the bad comments Lea Salonga-Chien received, I guess it's time she knew more of who her real fans were and who her fair-weathered fans were. In the past, she was a free ride for Pinoy pridists and she may have been merely used as a "free ride" to "prove" that Filipinos are the greatest race in the world. Again, she may have hit big abroad but as always, there is always someone better than the other. With her tweets, I guess Lea Salonga-Chien had inadvertently exposed her fair weathered fans which is good. Besides, she does not need them. She only needs real friends who truly care about her, not fair-weathered people who just a group of free riders. Plus, her actions have also indirectly told me that I should stop trying to get everyone's approval and choose to stick to what is right.

How would I identify a fair-weathered fan from a real fan? A real fan loves the person, not the achievements of the person. For example, durinng Manny Pacquiao's loss against Floyd Mayweather, some of his real fans showed up like Taiwanese singer/actor Alexander Wang. Pinoy pridists may have just decided to shout foul or some probably have shifted their fandom to Mayweather, but think, the true fans of Pacquiao are always ready to accept his losses and still love him. Likewise, Lea may have indirectly exposed who her false fans are. In the past, a lot of Pinoys bandwagoned on her are now bashing her for her tweets on Twitter. Hmmm... I wonder if they bashed her for marrying Chinese-Japanese businessman Richard Chien too due to Anti-Chinese sentiments that some Filipinos have?

Likewise, just think of the Filipinos who stood by Lea's constructive criticism vs. those who bashed her like crazy, called her names or whatever. You can see who her real fans are vs. the fair-weathered fans. Fortunately for Lea, I am glad she posted that brave tweet against the stupidity of today's Filipino society. She had the guts to tell people to wake up from their delusions. Again, maybe even people who weren't really fans of her (but not the fair-weathered fans) may fully agree with her Independence Day tweet on Twitter right?