Lea Salonga-Chien: From A Failipinos' Free Ride To A Failipinos' Foe?

Do you ever realize that every time a Filipino succeeds, he or she is a "free ride" of the Failipino population? Which reminds me of how back then, Lea Salonga was one of the many people who became the basis for the foolish value of Failipino Pride. Based on my experience anyway, she was used as a poor basis to why Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world even the idea is one huge pile of garbage. Again, as I said, the success of one Filipino is theirs and theirs alone. It's okay to be proud of the person's achievements. Credit grabbing is another. Lea's Pinoy heritage is NOT what makes her great. There are talented and non-talented people around the world. Sad to say but Failipinos are credit grabbing palamunins. They act like as if they were were the ones who succeeded in the performance.

I could also discuss on Lea Salonga-Chien's latest post. I would salute her for her bravery in speaking the truth when she wrote, "As for 117 years, advertisers delude themselves. A year later, June 12, 1899, war had been declared months before between the Philippines and the United States, and I don’t believe there was any mood for commemorating the event because the country was not independent in reality. The following June 12’s until July 4 1946 cannot be remembered as “independent” because we were a colony, transitioning to a 1935 commonwealth without full sovereignty, and invaded to be a Japanese colony. That totals 47 years and should be subtracted from 117. That leaves us 70 years of a status that really asserts no dependency with another country, in effect, independent."

If you think about, June 12, 1898 (she had some typo error) was not truly Philippine Independence Day. It was all just but the expulsion of the Spaniards. She is also very right too when she raised up that after June 12, 1898 it was time for the Americans to take over the Philippines. The true Philippine Independence was on July 4, 1946. The Americans left the Philippines and then, the country truly became a nation of its own. Man, I wonder how many Filipinos really study their history seriously or are DepEd history textbooks feeding them the wrong information again? Failipinos are so stupid they refuse to accept the reality from any brave Filipino who goes against their culture, even if that Filipino who went against them was a Pinoy. Failipinos are most likely to tell even that Pinoy like, "You don't accept Pinoy Pride? I better not see you in the Philippines, traitor to your own race!"

What is funnier is that the crabs are calling her a crab based on this Get Real Philippines post. First, do the crabs even know what is crab mentality? Crab mentality is described as, "If I can't have it, neither can you." Was Lea doing such an action when she raised up an issue? I don't think so. She was actually pointing out the sad truth about the Philippines. She was stating the solid hard truth that the Philippines is really, really in deep doodoo than it looks on the surface. Even if the Gross Domestic Product and the Stock Market are doing well for now, it might not last long. She has also addressed the important issues of Filipinos having to work abroad. Again Filipinos need to realize that they are far better off serving foreign masters on Filipino soilsince the government can easily intervene on the abuses that can be done by foreigners. Even if the foreigner owns 100% ownership in terms of intangible assets (selling land to foreigners might not be a good idea in Philippines due to its size), they are still obliged to pay their landlords and follow the laws. They break the law, they do the crime, they do the time.

Was she jealous of their impunity? Absolutely not at all! Again, they love to play the jealous card don't they? There's the assumption that if there's criticism, then it's automatically jealousy towards them. As said, criticism is not always destructive as it can also be constructive. The problem of Failipinos is that they are a bunch of point missers. Every time they play the jealousy card, it's very seldom they point out what people are jealous about. Or two, they think that people are just jealous of their misguided notion of happiness. Again, it's always the problem here in the Philippines... most of time, you realize that the only real friends you have are very few when you finally decide to speak out the offensive truth. So what's next? Declare persona non-grata on Lea Salonga-Chien?!


  1. Go ahead and exile us, Failipinos. Who needs freeloaders like you?

    Then again, they will play the "utang-na-loob" and "fellow countrymen" cards to justify their freeloading. If I recall, these are some cards that losers usually play.

    1. That is quite true. As much as I will try to make my entries less angry, but the terms Failipinos and FLIPFAGs may not disappear so easily. Talking intelligently with them is really a useless task for me.


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