If You Want To Protest Against China, Just Boycott The Chinese Brands Will Ya?!

"But madame, my smartphone was only assembled in China...
not made in China!" - Impurisima

"GAGO!  Even if it's an i-Phone, the label
says "Made in China!" - Santiago
Here's reality that we have to face.  Almost everything is made in China.  You can go ahead and argue that "made" and "assembled" are two different things but more or less, they are the same.  All I can say is, that kind of reasoning is very similar to Alan Impurisima when he said he didn't give orders to Getulio Napenas but only an advice.  As Miriam Defensor Santiago nagged to his head, "Words are my livelihood!"  I thought putting a picture of Miriam slapping Impurisima would strike a point on playing on words.  Double check the stuff you use before you shout, "Boycott Made in Tsina".

Let's think so I am selling Filipino delicacies.  Then I open a Filipino delicacy factory in China (with legal papers of course).  So even if my Filipino delicacies are made from Filipino ingredients (let's just say anything that isn't found in China), you cannot deny that the batch of products were MADE in China because I had them made in China.  That is, even if the brand was Filipino but those specific units of Filipino delicacies were all MADE IN CHINA.  Do you know a lot of Smartphones are MADE IN CHINA?  Or your electric fan might be MADE IN CHINA?  Again, how can you boycott everything made in China?  Don't play the assembled and made argument with me or you might end up like Alan Impurisima.

If you want to protest against China, then DO NOT BUY anything that has a Chinese brand but not go against everything made in China because you may end up having nothing at all.  Sure one Samsung phone might be assembled (or made) in China but it wasn't a Chinese brand but still, it was made in China.  When I look at my old toys, sure they were from Bandai but the label says, "Made in China".  Again, anything made in China is NOT necessarily a Chinese brand.  Do you think boycotting made in China will get their economy down?  I know right now China suffers from a stock market problem but that country is more than ready to combat recession.  Even if the Chinese brands are not really of good quality but think... it has high foreign domestic investment because even if majority of China may prefer the imported products, but still buying imported brands produced in your local country contributes to its taxes.  At the same time, it made me think, can you really boycott everything made in China?  You can boycott all Chinese brands but not everything made in China.