How Can Traffic Problems Be Solved If Basic Traffic Rules Aren't Even Followed In The First Place?!

I have observed that there's always the bad habit of breaking important guidelines, no wonder the Philippines is so messed up!  While reading the essay of that dumb Murican, I suddenly remembered the STUUUUUPIDITY he had when he said it way back that he will kill himself if he had to follow all those rules and he writes a load full of B.S. that.. he's got to wear shades because the future of the Philippines is "so bright".  Sad to say but the breaking of traffic rules is also no thanks to the Failipino culture of impunity and disobedience.

I always thought of driving can be a hassle especially when you are still new.  What irritated me was that I was just on my way, driving to the mall and I was having a hard time, I turned on the hazard light and some people who are in a hurry kept honking their horn at me rendering me nervous making me believe that I honked my horn.  I was already in hazard mode, at least be considerate the person is HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME!  What they may have failed to consider is that a road crash would be worse than a person having a difficult time on the road!

Think of all the traffic mishaps that happen because people don't know how to follow road rules.  It can go from getting a pedestrian run over because you don't follow the pedestrian light, motorcyclists meeting accidents because of reckless biking or to cars crashing into each other because they aren't following traffic signs and traffic lights.  At the same time, it can end up with fire trucks unable to reach the area where the fire is burning or patients unable to reach the hospital on time, no thanks to drivers who refuse to to give way whenever needed.

Still more fun in the Philippines huh Mr. David Guerrero?