Get Rid Of The "Children Are Investment So Let's Go Pro-Birth" From The Filipino Family Mindset!

There's a picture above of what we might see among Filipinos including the Pinoy sub-group. It's time to check out the two types of Filpinos we might see.

First there are Pinoys who believe in the modern investment mindset

Do you know about Pinoys who believe in modern investment? Some of them may not necessarily be businessmen but at least they think long term. There are some who do any kind of legitimate work just to avoid being stuck in the state of poverty. You can have the poor man who works as a laborer and encourages his children to work for their tuition fees. You can have Overseas Filipino Workers with a plan who differ from most OFWs. They are people who have a plan. While they may not necessarily become billionaires (not everyone can reach out) but certainly, they can get out of their miserable conditions like get a decent townhouse in a safer neighborhood than staying in the slums.

When I think about talking about business, it's either getting a job or doing a business. A situation might happen that a Filipino-Chinese talks about real estate while the Pinoy talks about business that easily converts to cash. So what happens is the Filipino-Chinese might say, "So you like selling onions? I can give you a prime lot location that's good for your spice trade at a reasonable price!" Then the Pinoy says, "Well, I will do everything to pay rent on time. I don't want to be like those other Pinoys who just love to freeload."

Second, there are the pro-birth Pinoys investment mindset

Now I have nothing against a family if they are huge if they can certainly manage them. Some people have a huge family and most of them turn out to be okay even if they aren't living by the billions of pesos. Sad to say a lot of Pinoys have the really stupid and impractical mindset when it comes to having children. For them, every child is an investment. I felt like the mindset was taken from the first generation of Chinese settlers and ironically, while most Chinese settlers have already modernized, some Pinoys haven't. For them, every child is an investment which makes me think, do they really view the child as their child or just a means to get their selfish wants? When I think about the time I got fined for PHP 500.00 for a mendicancy offense, I was told by the officer that these children were begging money for their irresponsible parents. I think I get the point on the "children are investment" type of stupidity.

The conscience of pro-birth stupidity is this. Just because they are against any form of infanticide or artificial birth control does not make them pro-life. When I think of the statement like they don't care if they are so poor and living on the streets as long as they have lots of children, what about those who just use their children to beg? If all they care about is a child born but never a child fed, a child educated and a child raised properly then they are just pro-birth, not pro-life. Not to mention, these children can be a very unruly, misguided bunch because the parents are having more children than they can handle. You may have a bum father (he may be having another woman for all we know even when he's poor), an OFW mother and the children who just waste the remittances on nonsense or one of the daughters prostituted herself but was soon left by guy who's toying around so an unwanted grandchiild ends up as an additional burden. What they need to understand is that their pro-birth mindset has done more harm than good but they refuse to learn from it, insisting on the same level of stupidity as usual.