Filipino-Chinese Should Still Be Considered Filipinos

Looking at the current row between Philippines and China for Spratlys, I am imagining what might be the possible strife between Filipinos and Filipino-Chinese. As a Filipino-Chinese, I can admit there are prejudices between both groups but as said, there are good Tsinoys and bad Tsinoys just as there are good Pinoys and bad Pinoys. It's just not fair to generalize Chinese and Filipinos as "all good" or "all bad". It just reminded me of watching the Mano Po series namely the first movie (about the three sisters), Mano Po 2 (which had a Chinese man and his Filipino wife along with two other women in his life), Mano Po 5 (again, the interracial issue) and back to serious Mano Po 6 which again talked about strifes between Pinoys and Tsinoys way back then. As a Filipino-Chinese I have experienced both being a victim of racism and a racist myself. It's no thanks to Pinoys who choose to become Failipinos that I really at one time said I would definitely kill all Filipinos when I was still a child at that time.

Whether those Anti-Chinese Failipinos like it or not, they are actually enjoying stuff that only existed thanks to Filipino-Chinese. The Tanduay and Beer Na Beer many of them love to get drunk on during their crazy fiestas are produced by Asia Brewery, courtesy of Lucio Tan who was born in Xiamen. San Miguel Corporation is currently held by Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. The very Jollibee they brag that it's "At Home Sa Filipino" is by Tony Tancaktiong whose parents were migrants from Fujian in China. The very SM that many of them may love to go to as a possible outlet for cutting classes and just being idle is owned by Henry Sy who was also born in Xiamen, China. Oh wow, I really can't help but die laughing whenever I think that these Anti-Chinese Failipinos HATE Filipino-Chinese but enjoy the products and services. If they want to get rid of Filipino-Chinese then I wonder if they can find competent non-Chinese to handle Lucio Tan's businesses, handle SM or everything they are enjoying from Filipino-Chinese. Once they do get rid of Filipino-Chinese businessmen there will be much less jobs NO THANKS to economic overprotectionism. In other words, get rid of the Filipino-Chinese businessmen then they can say goodbye to their idle malling, they will run out of supply of beer and liquor, they will soon have no SM (and maybe they will target the Ayalas too because they aren't Pinoy)

I was even thinking of the fact that they are enjoying ABiaS-CBN together with the politicians that stupid network endorses. If you know this, Eugenio Lopez III's mother was Filipino-Chinese. Also some of their enjoyments in ABiaS-CBN are due to Filipino-Chinese like for example Kristine Bernadette "Kris" COJUANGCO Aquino aka the weapon of mass distractionor you have other stars like Bea Saw-Tan or Kim Chiu who are Chinese by blood. Many of them were always "kilig" over Heart Evangelista whose real name is Anne Marie ONGPAUCO-Escudero and well, that also goes for all who support Francis "Cheese" Escudero or in extension, Alan Peter Cayetano's wife is Chinese. It also made me think of the fact that what about the stupidity of PNoy Pride and support for that idiot Harvey Keh? For their information, the Aquinos are Chinese starting from Benigno Aquino Sr., Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" Aquino Aquino (his parents had the same surname, they were also distant cousins) and the incumbent president, Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino. If they hate Chinese then they should also hate everyone Chinese and not make the Aquinos, Cojuangcos and Harvey Keh as "exemption to the rule". Better yet, I dare them to dig out the bodies of Ninoy and Cory, toss the whole Aquino clan to the sea and destroy Hacienda Luisita if they want to really get serious with their stupid "Pinoy Pure Blood" obsession". That is, they get rid of Filipino-Chinese then they should prepare to see their favorite dysfunctional network fall down without the funding of Filipino-Chinese oligarchs.

It's also crazy how some Failipinos are even sensationalizing the fact that Filipino-Chinese are spies for Chinese government. Excuse me, to WHICH FLAG do Filipino-Chinese pledge their allegiance to China or the Philippines? What's THEIR nationality? Is it Chinese or Filipino? I always fill out "Filipino" every time I fill my forms even if my great-grandparents are from China! Do I even report to the Chinese government? Only in the mind of anti-Chinese paranoids? Throwing away Filipino-Chinese owned businesses will result very bad economy. Heck, the Philippines will be a real rathole without the Filipino-Chinese businesses! But again, I still insist it's time to get rid of economic pamperism and be reasonable with both free trade and restrictions!

I'd also like to note, I would also need to address Filipino-Chinese who are still stuck with their Chinese pride too. They should also realize that if it wasn't for the Philippines, they wouldn't be anywhere and if they retaliate against those Failipinos then maybe, it's best to call them Filipino-Chinks or Intsik Beho because they are doing stuff that are associated with negative impressions of Chinese in the past. I hate to be harsh but some Filipino-Chinese are stuck in the past. For one, the Mano Po movies do speak some truth like getting too stuck with tradition is bad. While traditions like respect and love for parents is a must, however the feudalistic view of Chinese tradition must go. After all, think China has already moved forward like gone are the ways of the martyr for a wrong cause wife, foot-folding is already illegal, that stupid Yulin festival is getting more and more frowned by today's Chinese, polygamous marriages for men have long been outlawed, They should also realize that there are also bad Chinese too like gang leaders, druglords, poachers and the like who I believe should be shot or two, that one of the biggest masterminds behind the kidnappings are Filipino-Chinese too. As said, every person to his or her own accountability.

If you want to punish any Filipino or Chinese, make sure they deserve it. A Filipino who participates in the drug trading business should get the well-deserved fines or even death if it exceeded certain kilograms. Any Chinese who is caught poaching or trading drugs should also be sentenced to death. Sad to say but both Filipino criminals and Chinese criminals have turned certain parts of Philippines into a haven for them no thanks to Commission of Human Rights. All I can say is I really don't care who's on the death row - if they deserve it, they deserve it!