Failipino Ultranationalists Tend To Have That Little Hitler Syndrome!

Whenever I think of Failipino Ultranationalists, I really can't help but compare such people to the Nazis and what better way to make fun of their stupidity than that video I'm sharing right now. Based on what I learned from world history, Adolph Hitler was one person who was a racist and a jealous person. Allegedly, Hitler was jealous of every Jew that outdid him until that bitterness made him think, "That's it! It's time to get rid of the Jews and boycott their businesses! I won't let anybody beat me anymore!" So what did he do? He went to persecute Jews, raised campaigns against them by smearing false accusations and doing everything he could because he was always defeated by them. He grew up poor and the Jews were usually rich. He went to art school and was defeated by the Jew. Overall, Hitler was a very childish nitwit who wasted a lot of money in his quest to satisfy his hatred against Jews... all because he was outdone by Jews.

These Ultranationalistic Failipinos tend to have the Little Hitler syndrome. Being a Little Hitler means having a very huge sense of false entitlement and self-importance. When I think of why they just throw garbage anywhere is because of their really stupid haciendero mentality- they think they are too high and mighty to pick up garbage, something that any decent-minded Filipino would be more than willing to do to keep the place clean even if that decent Filipino was a wealthy one (and I know there are rich Pinoys too who don't have the haciendero mentality), they think they are Father Time's VIP with their habitual tardiness, they think that they are taking over the world and they tend to have their hatred towards Filipinos who are not Pinoy. Any decent-minded Pinoy may not immediately agree with my calling of bad Filipinos as Failipinos but they definitely agree that ultranationalism is stupid. Any form of ultranationalism is really bad hence it renders the failure of certain Filipinos who uphold such idiocy and love such ignorance or incompetence on PURPOSE, wishing to keep it for all generations hence the terms Failipino and FLIPFAG (Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations).

Based on my experience, most Failipinos (lazy and arrogant that they purposely love ignorance or incompetence) I know tend to hate Chinese while decent Pinoys don't think highly of themselves but are a humble, hardworking bunch. Looking at the current situation of the China/Philippines conflict, there is now the stupidity of boycott everything made in China. Oh boy, do some of them even want to wipe out the Filipino-Chinese for the sake of their "Pure Pinoy blood"? It's probably going to be like Hitler. Remember Hitler had Jewish blood from his mother side - so there's a huge chance that some of these Failipinos are Pinoys with Chinese ancestry. Also of they start wiping out Filipino-Chinese then they might consider no more "At Home Sa Filipino" at Jollibee because it's bye bye Tony Tancaktiong, no more strolling in SM because it's bye bye Henry Sy, no more Tanduay Rhum for their fiestas because it's bye bye Lucio Tan (they could settle for tuba), no more going to tourist spots because most of the airlines are held by Filipino-Chinese like Lance Gokongwei and Lucio Tan, heck even majority of the oligarchy are Filipino-Chinese, the very beneficiaries of too economic overprotectionism. They should also get rid of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos too because for their information, the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are Chinese by blood and they should say goodbye to Kris Aquino because she's Chinese!

Not to mention, how sure are they that a "Sariling Atin Only" economy can thrive? Although it's good that a country can produce its own goods and services but do you think they can do without imported equipment? Like they can go ahead say they'll prefer their telebasuras because they were Filipino made never mind the equipment used were imported and that they are watching their telebasuras on a TV set with a 90% chance it was Made in China. You may also consider that even if they are buying local products but hardly do I see a Filipino product not delivered by a purely Filipino vehicle. I can even say, "Well before you think of your sariling atin only mentality, are you sure that your local products weren't produced with any imported equipment?" When I think of the time I go to Island Pasalubong to buy Filipino delicacies for my relatives from Hong Kong, the store management would say, "Nothing is completely Filipino here!" Colonial mentality has already been poorly misunderstood no thanks to an ultranationalistic mindset.

Besides, if they hate foreigners, do they even realize that the Philippines today was molded by foreign influence? How do you think the residents of the archipelago start wearing Western-style clothes, they started building concrete houses and got named as Filipinos if it wasn't for the archipelago to be named as the PHILIPPINES after a SPANISH KING, Philip I. Do they realize their favorite foods are all born out of foreign influence? It really goes as stupid as I'd like to say the hard truth... they should STOP ACTING like as if they aren't using any imported stuff or stuff born out of foreign influence. If they hate foreigners then they should get out of the Internet in general and be PRIMITIVE because the Internet is of Western influence. If it wasn't for foreign influence, the Philippines would have remained in the stone age by then!

Just a bit of humor to strike those Failipinos and their delusions. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!