David Guerrero's Tagline WON'T Save Boracay

As a person who's not fond of Boracay due to the expensive rates (I was there last 2012), still here's a new issue that was addressed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) revealing the following facts about Boracay which I read from CNN Philippines:
  • The coral cover of Boracay has declined by 70.5% from 1988 to 2011. This is seriously bad news for your ecosystem. This may be due to unmonitored snorkeling and diving activities in Boracay's coral rich area.
  • The result of the coral decline has created a beach erosion which is now constantly endangering its white sand shoreline.
  • JICA's project calledCoastal Ecosystem Conservation and Adaptive Management (CECAM) has also pointed out the alarming decrease of water quality which may sooner or later, not make it safe for swimming. A direct discharge of untreated waste near the shore could trigger algal blooms and coral reef deterioration.

Part of the whole study involves Pinoy scientist Ariel Blanco (who hails from UP) of CECAM. He said that the sustainability of Boracay will not be exchanged for short-term economic gain. I fully agree with him. If you want Boracay to have better economic gains, you really need to keep its quality. How do malls continue to gain profit in the long run? They do proper maintenance so the customers can be served better. Sad to say but FLIPFAGs just want to be in an eternal state of bliss... they just want to have fun. What they don't realize is that real fun can only come from hard work.

Meanwhile I doubt it that delusional idiot known as David Guerrero is ever going to think of saving Boracay. Maybe instead of saying, "Well it's time to sustain Boracay so it will be more fun for later. Even if right now, we should sacrifice the fun, we will have more fun later.", I will just expect him to use his ghastly tagline "It's More Fun In the Philippines". If Boracay will just sacrifice sustainability for short term economic gain, wow David Guerrero's tagline may backfire on his face someday.

For tourists, I would really suggest as of right now, it's best to look for another beach in the Philippines. I could suggest Bantayan Island, Palawan or surfing in Siargao if you want a better experience in the Philippines. As of right now, Boracay needs some rehabilitation and not to adhere to David Guerrero's delusional hypocrisy of a tagline.