Before You Shout "Boycott Made In Tsina", Please Double Check The Stuff You Own And Use

I am not surprised just one bit when it comes to the stupidity of Anti-Chinese sentiments among some Filipinos might be rallying right now saying, "I am so angry with Tsina!" or to those who have their plan to, "Don't buy anything made in China, buy Filipino products.", I simply want to laugh my head off because there is a lot of utter hypocrisy and self-contradiction.  The more I think about it, the more I think it's very laughable to have their campaign.  

Above is what might be the real situation, the bigger dilemma that some Filipino households who were participating in that stupid anti-China rally, blame China for everything.  Take a look at the comic strip above.  You have Philippinesball angry with China for just everything, even if it's not the government's fault.  Come on, if Filipino poachers were killing pandas in China, does it automatically mean that the Philippine government sent them to China?  Not necessarily, in fact those were Filipinos who were misbehaving in China at their own free will.  Would China blame Philippine government for that misbehavior?  Maybe not but they'll only get mad if the Philippine government would beg for clemency.  At the same time, the comic strip above presents a series and I mean a SERIES of hypocrisies that a lot of Filipinos tend to do more often than not.

I always thought about the reality today.  Even if your products are not Chinese brands but you can't deny that these ultranationalists are actually just walking contradictions especially with the fact that... they are actually using stuff Made in Tsina.  Did you know a lot of Smartphones are assembled in Tsina?  You might just be lucky to get one made in Vietnam but most of them are made in Tsina.  Your electric fan might be of a Japanese brand but it was also Made in Tsina.  They might be watching telebasuras but... again the TV set was Made in Tsina and ABiaS-CBN is using equipment and stuff, Made in Tsina.  It really makes me laugh to think of how much of a walking contradiction the people are and how they FAIL to notice their stupidity that they are still using some Made in Tsina products.  I wonder are they really doing it on purpose?

With what I just mentioned, it might be the stupidity of how they can advocate Philippine products over Chinese as protest.  Okay maybe they went out, bought some dried mangoes, Filipino made products here and there but when they get home, they still are using their Made in Tsina products.  You might even say, "Oh it's time for my favorite teleserye!  It's Daniel Padilla!", watching whatever poorly made drama that our local TV stations have to offer, eating dried mango with it but the TV set says, "Made in Tsina." (even if the TV set's brand was Japanese or whatever) and two, maybe the chair they are sitting on was also Made in Tsina or contained parts Made in Tsina.  I mean, how sure are they really that they aren't using anything Made in Tsina?

It's really time to just think, can the Philippines REALLY survive having a Sariling Atin Only economy?  Absolutely not at all - that myth has been disproven by how nations that have too many economic restrictions are really poor.  Whether you hate it or not, the Philippines isn't even ready to defeat China.  Also, why keep blaming China for some Chinese who did bad stuff like the poaching activities where I'd support them getting shot?  Or better, ask yourself why the Chinese criminals do their dirty dealings in the Philippines... it's no thanks to the Commission of Human Rights.  Go figure.