A certain Murican said, "Your future is bright! I can see it!" That guy hasn't truly know the situation of the Philippines and I personally want to attack his "magnificent essay" with this rebuttal. So far, he has only made stupid points without really addressing issues. Now rather than attack him point by point, I would really address why the Philippines' future may be darker than we think. I'd love to say this line, "Who knows the Philippines better than the Filipinos?" After all, why do you get a FILIPINO TOUR GUIDE for the Philippines and a CHINESE TOUR GUIDE for China? For that crazy Murican, wow he thinks he's already an expert in the Philippines.

Moving on, I would like to address how the Philippines may have a darker future than we think. We have President Nobita who says, "We are doing great! Our economy is improving!" Now I don't doubt the statistics that talk about GDP increase but that is NOT enough to save the economy. What about Net Profits? Remember, net profits is gross profits minus expenses and that is where profits must always exceed expenses and still leave a huge net profit. That is VERY BASIC ECONOMICS, you don't need to go to graduate school in order to understand the very basics of gross profit, expenses and net profit. Unfortunately, any increase of GDP and investors may go down the toilet with scandals like DAP, PDAF and other useless stuff (like trying to SAVE guilty Failipinos who are to be canonized later as "saints")... or you might think about the government's continuously misappropriated funding that may have wasted a good amount of taxpayers' money. Also, even if the GDP of the Philippines increass, what good will it do if you squander the money left and right? It's just like the OFW families... they earn big but also lose big!

What I can start to raise is the stupidity of the nation is already a VERY HUGE obstacle to progress, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! You can go ahead and tell me to move back to my ancestral land of China but I love the country too much not to raise the problems. This is what I would hope is a real wake up call for this STUPID COUNTRY because this country is really ran over by stupidity. As said, you are not born stupid, you CHOOSE to be stupid. When Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago slammed the prosecutors as GAGO, remember they had it coming and that's what she ignored when she agreed to have the word struck out in the Senate records, because they were NOT DOING THEIR JOBS PROPERLY. Again, when you are born a Filipino, it's not your choice. Being Pinoy or what can be considered as "ethnic Filipino" is something you don't have a choice to. However you can always choose to become a Failipino if you want to. Sad to say but most Filipinos always choose to be stupid. The worse part is that, they call anybody who does not conform to their stupidity as stupid. Hmmm... I always remember the Emperor's New Clothes whenever I think of the situation f the country today!

What I can start is how this nation is full of people who DO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW EVEN THE SIMPLEST OF GUIDELINES. Do you know how IMPORTANT it is to follow rules? Following rules goes a VERY LONG WAY as he who cannot be trusted with little CANNOT be trusted with more. Why do you think that homes and schools need to be strict with discipline? If junior cannot learn how to follow rules in school and at home, how can you expect him to follow the rules of society? What I have noticed is how more often than not the Philippines is plagued by a cover-up culture. Sad to say but the Philippines lives in a culture of impunity. Throw garbage here and there, they don't want to follow rules. I don't think that Murican even knows the HUGE difference between a civil offense and a criminal offense. Last time I remembered, he said that Singapore is such a tyranny for making civil offenses out of acts like littering, urinating/defecating in improper places and vandalism. In Singapore, depending on how heavy your vandalism is (ex. The Michael Fay incident), you could land in jail for a few months and get a whacking from a cane. What made me think is that, do Failipinos even know the harm their actions can do? Throwing your garbage anywhere can cause clogging drains, disposing your human waste just anywhere is stinky not to mention it spreads a deadly amount of bacteria and vandalism is not respecting anyone's property? A lack of principles in following guidelines is a HUGE impediment of progress because who wants to do investment in a nation that's littered with so MUCH DIRT and where a lot of people are hardheaded!

I can also talk about economic protectionism or maybe the MISUSE of economic protectionism. Maybe I have misused the words in my previous posts but in general, protectionism means, "Government actions and policies that restrict or restrain international trade, often done with the intent of protecting local businesses and jobs from foreign competition. Typical methods of protectionism are import tariffs, quotas, subsidies or tax cuts to local businesses and direct state intervention." Now I could talk about protectionism which is, based on my current knowledge, no state is without it even in states that allow 100% ownership. How is PROPER protectionism done? Now you ask... local businesses are protected from foreign competition in open economies when foreign businesses MUST submit to the rules of the country. For example, China may allow you to have 50% and higher in terms of ownership, you may even get 100% in some economic zones (but I prefer joint ventures of at least 50%) but you must PAY PROPER TAXES (that is charge them both at the same level), THEY SHOULD OBEY THE RULES OF THE COUNTRY, FOLLOW THE LABOR CODE OF THE COUNTRY... that's how local businesses get protected. It restricts competition to FAIR COMPETITION... that is both the foreign firms and the local firms are at the same level. The problem with the Philippines is that 60/40 discourages more investors because it's unfair, there is NO give and take! It's really unfair to have Filipino firms getting 50% to 100% abroad (Tony Tancaktiong has been opening joint ventures and maybe, he owns at least 50% or more with a foreign partner) while in the Philippines, you are so WTF with only 40% if you are a foreign businessman! Where's the fair play here?

What is ironic is that Failipinos HATE COMPETITION while bragging how great they are. In their excuse to hate competition, they always have their STUPID ULTRANATIONALISM to appeal to which again, they act like as if they aren't using any foreign stuff at all! What is funny is that those Failipino activists always have their, "We want to protect Pinoy Pride!" but they are using IMPORTED STUFF, they are watching telebasuras on TV sets made in (insert country), and they keep ranting about "nationalism" on IMPORTED GADGETS like i-Pod, i-Pad (never mind somebody was i-Paid and a lot of them NEVER bothered paying back their debts). What is so stupid is that, they LOVE the nation's protectionism but... they HATE THE TRASHY SERVICES! Want better services then get rid of the sariling atin only mentality GAGO! Competition makes you competitive, it forces you to do better. Why do you think PLDT and Globe aren't doing much to improve their services and add data caps for the non-rich (I have no data caps, thankfully). It's because they are the ONLY suppliers and they only compete against each other. Again law of supply stupid! Do you know why the Philippine Internet is slow? Common sense will say how do you expect to fill in the demand gap for Internet in an archipelago IF there are only two Internet Service Providers? Come on, the Philippines has 7,107 islands... Singapore can have fast Internet with only three ISPs BUT NOT AN ARCHIPELAGO LIKE THE PHILIPPINES!

Do you realize that the Philippines' problem of a lack of jobs is no thanks to an improper use of protectionism? Again, want more jobs then OPEN UP THE ECONOMY GAGO! Again, why do people keep that foreign investment is foreign invasion and that OFWs means that the Philippines is taking over the world? FLIPFAG Economics 101 is a failure of an economic principle in both theory and practice because you cannot have good practice if you don't have a good theory to start with, although I also acknowledge the fact that some people have good theories but fail to put them into good practice. Again, as I discussed free trade can still protect local businesses by setting the same set number of rules BETWEEN FOREIGN AND LOCAL BUSINESSES and competition is restricted to a certain level because absolute and unrestricted free trade is bad for any country. Again, isn't the act of requiring foreign investors to FOLLOW THE COUNTRY'S RULES such as PAYING TAXES, IMPORT/EXPORT FEES AND EVERY OTHER TYPE OF FEES THAT LOCAL BUSINESSES MUST PAY, does not that LEVEL THE COMPETITION ON A FAIR ADVANTAGE? Oh wait, Failipinos have no concept of honor, all they care about is WINNING not about fair play. That is, they just want to win without competition which makes it really stupid.

Sad to say but the Philippines isn't as "moral" as that guy thinks. Again, do I need to repeat myself like a looped song that the acts of guilty Pinoys should be CONDEMNED NOT CONDONED- you do the crime, you DO THE TIME. Sad to say but even after TWENTY YEARS, the late Flor Contemplacion is still upheld as pure and innocent even if she's guilty and she's held like a patron saint huh? It just annoys me think how the problem still went on with their "HUHUHUHU! Spare the life of (insert name)." even if they are obviously guilty. After all, on March 30, 2011 it was the fateful day when Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva got their just desserts - good thing the three drug mules didn't get a national burial like Flor Contemplacion or I'd probably puke a mountain of vomit. Again, they end up rallying for the wrong causeand maybe, they are singing "Kahit Konting Awa" (I'd really go crazy if the song will become the new national anthem), hoping that the foreign government will spare that guilty Failipino from execution. When day breaks and it was useless, they cry. In the case of Mary Jane Veloso, it was NOT their rallying that delayed her death but President Joko Widodo's hearing the pleas of Overseas Indonesian Workers so I guess, in due fairness, Mary Jane's case may need some review since her case happened BEFORE Widodo ever came to power. To that Murican, he thinks such a culture makes it worth living in the Philippines, is this is bright future?

The Commission on Human Rightsis not really defending human rights, it's better called CRIMINALS HAVE RIGHTS. Etta Rosales is a real idiot and she wants to get rid of a no-nonsense mayor like Rodrigo Duterte out. Do you know why Davao City has good peace and order? It's because of the Davao Death Squad that shows no nonsense against criminals. For Etta Rosales, she ends up defending the rights of criminals rather than that of the victims. Oh boy, one has to wonder why that the Philippines has become a paradise for DRUG DEALERS? Before you start blaming China, think why are the Chinese drug dealers coming to the Philippines? You can thank CHR for that... and customs. They can pay money under the table and JARAN, they get protection from the law. That is, you have drug dealers who can freely escape investigation no thanks to unethical legal protection. They can drive their BMWs and expensive cars, chat with their i-Phones, they can have all their luxurious living while they hire lazy Failipinos to do their dirty work of drug dealing. Another issue I can deal with is how squatters are treated as victims even if in reality, THEY ARE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS. Not to mention, CHR is already feeding the public the stupid welfare state mentality.

Maybe I should mention WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PUTTING THE IDIOTIC POLITICIANS IN THE FIRST PLACE but the BOBOTANTES who have the Eh-Bola Virus? I am even thinking of this what if Mar Roxas will volunteer to have himself crucified on Good Friday 2016 of next year, which may come before the political elections? I think the bobotantes are most likely to shout, "ROXAS FOR PRESIDENT!" should that ever happen. When I think of politics now and then, just think why do you think people get voted? The Aquinos are getting voted but they are only freeriding on Ninoy and Cory as if the whole family went against the Marcos years never mind Cory had some mistakes that needed to be fixed. These days, the Aquinos vs. Marcoses war is nothing more than a sequel to Aliens vs. Predatorthat is, regardless who wins we lose. In fact, people win based on WINNABILITY NOT CREDIBILITY no thanks to a Starstuck mindset which is why I am afraid thatKris Aquino may become president of the Philippines someday. Just think who usually get elected as Senators and Congressmen - CELEBRITIES, RELATIVES OF CELEBRITIES AND RELATIVES OF POLITICIANS. I even think of this that Senator Grace Poe the adopted daughter and niece of Susan Roces got voted because of her adoptive parents, Bum Aquino got voted because he strongly resembles his late Uncle Ninoy and a lot of Senators are really celebrities, not economists or graduates of courses that could have helped the Philippines. President Nobita got voted because he is the only son of Ninoy and Cory, never mind the late Ninoy had a lot of woes about his only son who I heard, was even sent to a psychiatrist in Boston for certain mental issues!

Again, it's all traced back to their bad culture. Why do you think the wrong kind of protectionism got into power in the first place? Is it purely the fault of the oligarchs and the politicians? Not really, blame the people who LOVE THEIR ULTRANATIONALISTIC VIEWS, who want to restrict competition to a level of low, who continue to have their stupid SARILING ATIN ONLY MENTALITY oh never mind that they sometimes need foreign help to get the job done. Also, why do you think that stupid people keep getting into power? As I mentioned it's because of winnability over credibility. They would rather vote for a charismatic movie star over an economist who can help solve the nation's problems. If a presidential candidate who is a high school dropout, a drug hippie, a heavy drunkard, etc. type of person would say, "If I were president, I would definitely make everyday a holiday!" would definitely win the election over the candidate who says, "If I were president, I will give you more economic reforms that will give you more jobs so there will be less need for OFWs." After all, they want to stick to their STUPIDITY while thinking they are already very smart. Wow, stupid has really become the new smart in the Philippines huh? Three cheers for the stupidity of such stupid people who never want to learn! Hip hip hooray!

Now you must be really angry aren't you huh? I guess you just can't understand SARCASM and when I said, "Yes! The Philippines has a very bright future ahead!" I was talking in reverse. This is just because I believe that's one way I can REALLY grab your attention. Then again, you are just a bunch of point missers and a lot of youNEVER BOTHER TO FINISH READING THE POSTS, instead you decide to throw in bad comments and you LOOOOOOOOOVE to MISS THE POINT, POINT MISSER! Go ahead, get mad but as the Filipino proverb says, "Matalo ang magalit." which is, "The one who gets mad is the loser!"


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