Wow! So Philippines Has The SLOWEST Internet In The ASEAN?

Whenever I get the problem of slow Internet, I cannot help but develop a conspiracy theory that it's really government doing.  However when we stick to the basic facts, here are some facts that we need to realize with Philippine Internet Service Providers and the geography of the Philippines.  The Philippines is an archipelago, composed of 7,107 islands and shouldn't that tell the STUPID GOVERNMENT and protectionist lovers that protectionism is NOT feasible in the geography?  With 7,107 islands there is always the constraint of having to maintain undersea cables which is costly.  However this task CANNOT be accomplished so easily thanks to protectionism.

Again, the Philippines has the problem of having two ISPs namely Globe and PLDT, both oligarchy-ran companies.  Now Singapore can do with just two or three ISPs because it's a very small country that it would be the last place I'd migrate to if I ever get too frustrated with my country to avoid sinking the island.  As I mentioned earlier, the task of maintaining Internet in the Philippines thanks an archipelago should at least tell you, you need MORE Internet service providers, MORE power plants, etc. to MEET THE NEEDS of the country!

For the purpose of "fair use", cheaper Internet packages will get you to have the painful "blessing" of data caps used to limit the transfer speed.  However this practice causes a lot of frustration which I believe was created to protect the CRAPPY Failipinos entertainment industry.  I mean, if ABiaS-CBN and the local TV networks want more viewers, they should show BETTER quality TV shows than their stupid shows with stupid local stars (ex. Kris Aquino for ABiaS-CBN), sugar-coated media, sensationalism (ABiaS-CBN is a master of that) and you can keep naming what goes on and on.  On the other hand, better Internet access is only in the access of the more privileged clans that even if they may not be well-known but... they possess tons of money.

I can only think of some reasons that may answer why the Philippines has slow and expensive Internet and yet it does not REPEAL that stupid 60/40 policy!  My speculation arises that if Internet becomes more accessible, the public can and will share their grievances and criticisms - remember the Philippines is also full of onion-skinned people.  I mean just think as of late a travel blogger from the U.S. was declared persona non-grata for showing negative views.  Some Filipinos are fed up with the current culture that they decide to be keyboard warriors for a better Philippines.  Remember the Philippines already has that stupid Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law cleverly disguised as the "Anti-Cybercrime Law" which can lock up a person for even the slightest criticisms against the government.

All I can think of is that the purpose of having slower Internet was just like why the printing press was banned for a long time.  It's because with the printing press, knowledge can be easily distributed.  Today, the printing press has the Internet to complement it.  The Internet may even allow people to access important information that may defeat protectionism but WTF, the government still continues in its sore loser culture we all suffer from today.