Why PNoy Pride Won't Save The Philippines

Before you accuse me again of being a closet Macoytard, you better gather evidence first BECAUSE I am neither for Aquino nor Marcos. One of the Philippines' biggest problems is called PNoy Pride. I just got the idea of using PNoy Pride from an unintentionally wrote "PNoy" instead of "Pinoy" referring to somebody beheaded in Saudi Arabia for murder. Now what's wrong with PNoy Pride? If Pinoy Pride is the big culture of the Philippines, as of right now it's suffered from PNoy Pride from 2010 and maybe, the same disease will go on even after his INCOMPETENT TERM IS OVER.

So let's discuss about PNoy Pride. I keep hearing how people keep saying that President Nobita Aquino (PNoy) is the best president ever. For them PNoy Pridists, he's number one and he can do no wrong. Would he have really performed the penitensya, I would suspect that PNoy Pridists will say, "One more term for PNoy!" during the event. I really think about how stupid people are and their stupidity is displayed when they think anyone who disagrees with them is automatically stupid. As said, I do take part of the blame because I voted for him last 2010 and regret doing so because of what's going on. Much of President Nobita's term is better called the straight road to No Direction. If you think about it, all President Nobita has been doing has been blaming Gloriafor problems that are clearly not her doing and his doing. Let us think of a lot of incidents that started to prove or should at least ring an alarm that PNoy Pride is really not helping the Philippines. Even after SO MANY mistakes, it's sad to think why people still keeping saying they still support President Nobita even after so many blunders.

Did you remember the Rolando Mendoza incident last 2010? Now it's not entirely President Nobita's fault but you cannot deny how stupid the whole incident was. The botched operations was because of unprepared policemen, they could have just SHOT Roland Mendoza but no, I guess CHR had to intervene. Come on, executing a dangerous criminal ON THE SPOT was already a very necessary thing to do in that incident that even if there is no state death penalty but nothing in the 1987 Constitution (which needs to be revised for the better) suggests that policemen can't kill to defend innocents! What was worse is that he really refused to apologize to Hong Kong which nearly tore up the ties with Hong Kong. Former president Sherap Estradahas had more brains than President Nobita when he apologized to Hong Kong himself. Sad to say that was not going to be the only incident that would prove PNoy Pride is really a destructive force to reckon with.

I can't help but take back some things I've said against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the current national scapegoat. I know she foolishly abolished the death penalty (perhaps to save her neck), I would actually applaud that in her time, the Philippine peso got stronger. You may also consider how that during her time, the MRT was really in better shape. However in the Nobita Administration, we have to deal with the problem of Joseph Pabaya, Jericho Pestiha, Jose A-Bad, Stinky Soliman, David Guerrero and the like. Joseph Pabaya neglected the MRT too many times and although Grace Poe herself is a liberal party member, she actually did something right by criticizing the MRT. Jericho Pestiha just wont' address the power plant issues that our country CANNOT rely on too few power plants when the country has 7,107 islands! Jose A-Bad has been misallocating funds that should have been used to repair public property like come on, does the Malacanang Palace need to be flooded before President Nobita knows the real problem? Also during Stinky's term, too many relief goods were left neglected and wait, she doesn't even take accountability for it? And yes, who can forget David Guerrero's slogan that brought a culture of impunitylike pardoning Senator Antonio Treasones IV for instance for his failed coup?!

If there was anything President Nobita achieved, it's the passing of the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law. Do you remember the cybercrime law under proposal? While I am in favor of a cybercrime law prevention measure BUT the problem is there were some issues that needed to be fixed. Why should you jail anyone for the crime of libel if it's not that heavy? If the libelous act was a life-threatening then that's really the time to sue. Other than that, it's a huge waste of money to sue people over minor libelous acts compared to suing somebody for cheating during business deals or accusing you of criminal acts, attempted frame-ups or personal injury. The line between civil violation vs criminal violation has to be defined clearly like criminalize the dealers, impose a civil fine on the users. Suing somebody over a meme or insult is completely childish and not to mention STUPID. Sad to say but people today are too onion-skinned whether you like it or not.

I should also mention the Bangsamoron Basic Law. Come on, they are trying to hand over Mindanao to the MILF huh? Now I could support the late Ninoy's actions of giving Sabah back to Malaysia where it belongs but NOT Mindanao to the MILF terrorists! Calling them "friends" is stupid and comparing the MILF to the Japanese is stupid, it's like comparing mangoes and bananas. We are friends with Japan today because Imperial Japan had died WAY BACK AFTER WORLD WAR 2! MILF is just like the deceased Imperial Japan - a threat that cannot be ignored. You cannot compare those bandits and hostage takers to the modern Japanese of today who are citizens of Modern Japan! Let the MILF have their own country and you will really see real terror... a state ran by terrorists will just end up like the I.S.I.S. states of today.

The biggest culprit of media manipulation is now ABiaS-CBN with its lies in High Definition B.S. one after the other. If you listen to ABIaS-CBN News Network, all they do is cover up the real truth and sensationalize President Nobita. As said, a half-truth is worse than an obvious lie. I am not saying ABiaS-CBN News Network is all lies... it does tell some truth but it's so muddled up you don't know what to believe in any more. I know that the stock market in the Philippines is strong but that it is NOT ENOUGH to save the economy. Come on, why rely economics on that idiot who DOES NOT deserve his degree? If he knew economics better, he should really work on fixing the supply/demand problem like WANT MORE INVESTORS THEN OPEN UP THE ECONOMY GAGO! Want a better edge in the drug wars then OPEN UP THE ECONOMY GAGO! Unfortunately ABiaS-CBN seems to be viewed as the Almighty Network that's never wrong especially if it's the very station of that WITCH OF AN ATTENTION WHORE KRISIS AQUINO!

As long as people keep regarding President Nobita as a president without mistakes, the same mistakes will always be carried over AGAIN AND AGAIN. Then again, who is really to blame for BAD POLITICS in the first place but the BOBOTANTES who KEEP VOTING for the SAME NINCOMPOOPS into power over and over again!


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