Ultranationalist FLIPFAGs Should STOP ACTING Like They Aren't Using ANYTHING Of Foreign Influence Or Imported Stuff

Well take a look at the ultranationalist Toady Casino who has his extreme ultranationalist views. Man the guy is on Twitter, he has a Facebook fanpage, he's wearing an imported watch, imported clothes (he should have been there in an ethnic outfit) or take a look at the Anti-(insert country) rallies with their, "DOWN WITH (INSERT COUNTRY)" protests but I see them use imported stuff like wearing Levi's pants, their electronic equipment is made in (insert country) and well, they are all but a bunch of walking contradictions. Heck, even organizations like Gagabriela, Bobo Muna, Akbobo and Migraine International have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, they appear on TV, etc. which are all born out of FOREIGN INFLUENCE. Heck, they are even ranting about their ultranationalism USING imported devices.

The same goes for those who say, "I'd only watch Pinoy TV shows." which begs the question, "Man was your TV set made in the Philippines and is it of a Filipino brand EH FLIPFAG?" The same goes for the TV stations like ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience, don't tell me that they aren't using imported stuff. I mean, even when the telebasuras are filmed, the cameras are NOT made in the Philippines and two, even if certain Filipinos work for (insert company) abroad, how sure are they that the equipment they are using was MADE BY FILIPINO HANDS AND NOT BY (INSERT NATIONALITY) HANDS HUH? Knowing Malaysia and Indonesia are labor export countries like the Philippines, the next equipment that these FLIPFAGs may be using are assembled by Malaysian or Indonesian hands or three, knowing China has become a manufacturing capital, they might be using Chinese assembled products.

Perhaps their biggest and most stupid argument might be, "If it is Filipinized, what is unholy is made holy." when it comes to using imported stuff. Oh really? I could still remember the garbage that is known as Zaido and until now, that show is just horrible. Although it had Toei's permission, but the show was SOOOOOOOO horrible that I guess, Toei won't give Ginago Mga Audience another permission because that show is super duper horrible. Again, without the IMPORTED equipment, they can't even produce telebasuras in the first place! So really, where is the give and take?


  1. Maybe these ultranationalist faggots are just so dumb to know that they're walking ironies.... :p

    1. I doubt it they know it Dhathor or they'll say, "We're just using their stuff against them." excuse.


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