To That Idiotic Commission of Human Rights, Squatters ARE Human Rights Violators Themselves

Arrogant Filipino squatters
I remembered how a hypocrite of a FLIFPAG would say, "Well squatters are still humans. They have rights. Driving them out is a violation of human rights so let them stay!" Oh EXCUSE ME what that person doesn't realize is this truth that the STUPID GOVERNMENT needs to understand... SQUATTERS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS. Sad to say in a welfare state and in a culture that rewards the lazy but punishes the diligent, yes squatters are given the right to squat! Whatever you call a squatter, an informal settler is a nuisance to every decent Pinoy living in the Philippines.

When I think of the reasons why I don't want to live in Tondo, Manila is because of the HUUUUUUGE population of slums aside from the high crime rate. Anybody who thinks Tondo, Manila is the best place on Earthis either high on drugs or just stupid beyond stupid. I mean, passing through slums, I would puke over the sight of how bad their hygiene standards are and man those places SMELL SO HORRIBLE. Tondo, Manila can rightfully be called an inferno of garbage.

So how do squatters violate human rights? Remember human rights violation can be done not only by superiors but also by subordinates. It's wrong for a husband to beat his wife, it's also wrong for a wife to beat her husband, it's wrong for a parent to beat up his/her child and it's wrong for a child to beat up his/her parent - all of the examples ARE human rights violations. Likewise, squatters themselves are human rights violators with what they do. Oh boy, I'm sure Madame Victim Card will just keep yelling human rights, right?

When a squatter occupies a land that is not theirs, they are violating the right to private ownership and the right to rent property. A land owner is not necessarily rich. Some working class citizens work had, sweat their brows, they break their backs just to get that piece of land they can build a small house over it. Another are those who work hard so they can rent a livable apartment. So I can imagine the happy face of the laborer as he is able to purchase a small lot to build a house on or find a nice place to rent. Just then, you have squatters who INVADE the place by informally settling, then you really start a huge problem they violate the right to private ownership and/or the right to rent property. While the private owner must pay land tax or the tenant must pay rent, they are staying there for FREE and they do NOTHING. In short, they are FREELOADERS!

It's already bad enough that they occupy the land, right? But that's not all that they stay there for free, they are also a source of calamities NO THANKS to stealing water and electricity. Rather than apply for their own electricity and water, they would steal away the electricity of the formal settlers. What happens is that the formal settlers may wonder why their electricity or water has gotten sky high or why there is an electrical mishap (that can lead to a fire) or a water-related mishap (ex. pipe overload) happened. Some of the formal settlers aren't even rich which sucks off their hard-earned money because they have to pay higher than usual, they are in turn, PAYING FOR THOSE INGRATES. Yes, the formal settlers are paying for the utility of those lazy squatters that do almost nothing but do what they do best like being noisy, boisterous, littering, etc. It becomes a situation where the formal settlers are now providing the needs of the informal settlers in some way.

What is worse is that, squatters don't pay taxes and they BENEFIT from other people's taxes in some way. The whole idea of honest to goodness citizens paying taxes WHILE the squatters benefit from it, truly gives the Bureau of Internal Revenue the name of the Bureau of Internal ROBBERY. If it's not enough that Kill Henares has her killer tax rates, taxes that are paid by the earning class to the wealthy all end up supporting for stupid squatters. Rather than have anti-squatting laws and squatter rehabilitation laws, what happens is that squatters keep BENEFITING from the taxes as a result. After all, aren't they also one of the best props for political campaigns right? Oh boy, the madness of squatters is really a picture of what's wrong with FLIPFAG culture.