The Incredible Irony That Failipinos HATE Competition While Bragging How Great They Are!

I could consider it a major irony in the mindset of the Failipino that they HATE COMPETITION (and hence, they want protectionism but complain when the consequences hit them) while they are bragging how great they are. Now how do you show off your greatness? By just bragging about it should you provide CREDIBLE PROOF of such greatness right? Every decent Filipino opposes the Failipino mindset of anti-competition because they know a lack of competition will not encourage improvement.

Let me raise the question on how does a product show its greatness to the market? It must COMPETE in the market one way or another in terms of product, price, place and promotion. Many questions can NAG into the head of the businessman when it comes to good planning and strategy. Is the product really good enough? Does the price speak of the value of the product? Is the place the best place to do business? Is the promotion not just empty words and does it match the product? Performance outweighs promotion no matter how much you invert it. Unfortunately such concepts are very foreign to the Failipino mindset because they HATE competition while trying to brag how great they are. For them, they are somehow content with the STUUUUUPID slogan of David Guerrero where the promotion is nothing more than empty campaigning because the Philippines ranks 90th in the world happiness chart and Switzerland ranks number one!

What is crazy is that they brag about successful Pinoys who LOVE competition as the basis of their greatness. Just think do you think Gerphil Flores would have shown her greatness in a non-competitive environment like Pilipinas Got Not Talent or was it at Asia's Got Talent where she showed her greatness even if she didn't win the top just yet? Did Manny Pacquiao show how great he was by beating amateur boxers or did he become great by dealing with tougher opponents regardless of victory and defeat? I really want to ask those questions to attack the incredible irony of Failipinos who hate competition but are freeriding on COMPETITIVE Pinoys who should be a source of their shame, not pride. After all, those successful Pinoys EMBRACE competition, not hate it!

What can be said is that the Failipino culture is truly a bunch of sore losers and free riders after all. Just as I mentioned earlier, they are a bunch of people who free ride on successful Pinoysand they did NOTHING to even contribute. What do you expect from a bunch of people who want a welfare state NEVER MIND that the Philippines is already having a lot of problems or two, there are times you are poor BECAUSE YOU MISMANAGE YOUR MONEY LIKE MANY OFWS!