The Cycle of FLIPFAG Stupidity Revealed In Five Easy Steps!

What is so stupid is how the FLIPFAG economic cycle never stops. Now I'd like to discuss my ideas step by step...

First, they want protectionism with their stupid "Sariling Atin Only" mentality NEVER MIND that they are a bunch of walking contradictions. Like how many times do I keep seeing FLIPFAGs having Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc. and those are NOT made in the Philippines or saying they'll only watch local shows while the TV set may have been Sony (from Japan) or Samsung (from South Korea). I always want to laugh at how stupid they are to keep with their "beloved" 60/40. No wonder they keep voting for stupid people into power.

Second, when protectionism kicks in, the effects will kick in. Oh how funny and ironic can it be when these people love protectionism but HATE the trashy services they keep receiving. Do you know that the Philippines has very slow Internet no thanks to the fact there are only TWO ISPs and the Philippines has 7,107 islands?

Third, there will inevitably be a lack of jobs creating the OFW phenomenon which is very unreliable. That's what makes groups like Anak ng Bobo, Bobo Muna, Gagabriela and similar groups STUPID is because they want more jobs but they keep wanting the economy to be closed. What is also stupid is that Philippine democracy seems to respect more what the people want than what is good for the people. It's absurd to think how China a Communist dictatorship ends up opening the economy and Philippines a democratic country is semi-Maoist because it adheres to the stupidity of protectionism. Due to a lack of jobs, it forces lots of Filipinos to fly abroad LOOKING FOR JOBS and PUH-LEASE, we have to get rid of the mindset of Filipinos taking over the world.

Fourth, due to a lack of jobs and no thanks to a money-hungry government governed by political dynasties, the country is a haven for drug dealers. Illegal Chinese flock in like crazy (Man why aren't they shot instead?) and pay the customs, they get protection and no thanks to Filipinos who want easy money and the lack of jobs, it's a double bonus for them to get willing dupes for their cause.

Fifth, blame the government for EVERYTHING. I guess that's what you get for a welfare statementality. Then again WHO VOTED FOR THE IDIOTS IN THE FIRST PLACE but then bobotantes right?! I would really dare theorize that tax rates in the Philippines have to be higher than usual NO THANKS to a lack of investors. If there were more investors then the more tax rates will be lowered but who wants to invest with that stupid 60/40 policy?!

Then the cycle goes... RINSE AND REPEAT!


  1. Tumpak!! Galing ng post mo sir. Sana mabasa eto ng mga matatalinong politiko raw pero sa totoo mga bobo. Lalo na mga leftist na makabayan daw? Pwe!


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