The 72 Victims Of The Valenzuela Fire Yesterday IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KRIS AQUINO!

This is a MUCH bigger problem than that attention whore!

Whether you like it or not, it happened yesterday that the Kentex footwear factory caught on fire killing 72 people in the incident, no survivors were found and 24 are missing, whose status is still in need of verification.  That fire was no joke as 72 might be too low a number for some but who can remember the 44 soldiers DEAD during the Mamasapano incident?  I really wish their neighborhood will declare a day of mourning for these people who died in this horrible mishap!  Just think of how many women and children became widows and orphans no thanks to that horrible incident!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that the situation is given as much importance as ANYTHING that happens to the media whore Kris Aquino!  Come on, when will people ever learn to separate Kris and State?!  It's really annoying to see how Kris Aquino's EVERY MINOR DETAIL is given too much importance while there are LOTS of unfortunate people out there who need help from tragedies like those.  I mean, does that incident in Thailand have to be important?!  She should still be counting her blessings rather than whine over every single misfortune especially she is a source of misfortune in the Philippines!