Successful Pinoys Are A Source of FLIPFAG Shame, Not FLIPFAG Pride!

Last time, I wrote why Pacquiao is a source of FLIPFAG shame and not FLIPFAG pride, I might provide bite size articles aside day to day whenever I can to keep this blog awake whenever I can. Now it's time to write on why successful Pinoys are a source of FLIPFAG shame, not FLIPFAG pride.

When you think about FLIPFAGs, they are very prone to free-riding on successful Pinoys. Every time a Pinoy succeeds, they shout that they are the greatest race in the world never mind that before that certain successful Pinoy made it big, they all took their time to jeer on him/her.  I remembered how Lydia De Vega wasn't so well-received with her perseverance and determination before she became one of the athletes to be named as the fastest woman in the world during that time as shown in "Magpakailanman". She did not win the award of world's fastest woman because she was a Filipino, she won the award because she used her athletic abilities to the fullest.  I don't argue with the fact that there are successful Pinoys but being a Pinoy is NEVER the key to one's success nor failure.

As I mentioned about jeering, when that person they kept jeering on wins big then they decide to become friends.  In short, they are fair-weathered friends. They don't deserve a slice of that cake that the successful Pinoy made. Just think of the story of the Little Red Hen, nobody helped her make the bread and they all wanted a piece of her bread even if they didn't help. If any Pinoy deserves to share in the glory of that certain successful Pinoy, it's the Pinoys who encouraged that successful Pinoy all the way and are willing to stand by him, even when he loses fair and square and continue to encourage him/her to remain humble and honorable whether in wins or in losses.