Here's a funny Photoshop that I've seen on the Internet with President Nobita as the "model" of Safeguard soap with the statement, "Kills 99.9% of accountability". So what's really going on? It's an ongoing problem which was well-propagated during the Marcos years which continues until today. During the Marcos years, cronyism was very rampant as Marcos allies got extra protection during the Marcos years. Even before that, Diosdado Macapagal had been responsible for several cover-ups when it came to his allies in various government sectors. Sad to say the problem has been worsened thanks to the oligarchy structure endorsed by the Marcos years, reaffirmed during the Cory years and sad to say, still CONTINUED during the soon-to-end Nobita Administration.

When you think about it, the problem has usually stayed the same regardless who the president is. Focusing on the Nobita Presidency, why hasn't he really taken care of his appointees who have done their own fair share of punishment? If he was really serious about the "Daang Matuwid" or straight path, he would have punished ANYONE who fouled up even his own allies. Instead all he's doing is leading the nation the the one direction that is towards No Direction. Most Noytards think that the country is already heading towards a straight path to progress, instead it's the straight path towards No Direction. How is that happening? He's protecting all his allies like Butcher A-Bad (the DAP/PDAF scandal, you may consider reading Ilda Ilda's latest entry), Bureau of Internal Robbery Konsomisyoner Kill Henares and MRT chief Joseph Pabaya while he is always BLAMING GLORIA for everything wrong in his life. Again, it's always the cycle of sugarcoating and scapegoating, protect your allies even when they are wrong and hate your enemies giving unfair hatred to them.

What can be seen with the government is this - same mistakes, just different people doing them just like the cycle of revenge never provides closure, only a continuous cycle of hatred because one wrong does not right another wrong. If you think about it, cronyism is always wrong regardless who is president. Even if the Marcos years are over, the sins of the Marcos years still stick like glue in the current political arena. While President Nobita did punish guilty people from the Gloria Administration, he however fails to address his own allies and instead of punishing them, he protects them and blames Gloria for everything wrong with his life rather than fix his own mistakes. Accountability is a value that's endangered in the Philippines.


  1. He sounds like a kid on a grown man's body.

    1. He's a man child what do you expect from a brat?


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