Like It Or Not... Failipino Culture Is UTTERLY FOOLISH!

Well I could remember that idiot sailor who commented something like, "If you don't accept Pinoy Pride, I better not see you around in the Philippines or I will PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE..." well, he certainly shows just how unprofessional many Pinoys are. Sad to say, but the picture on the right side actually shows a LOT of problems that the Philippines suffers from. I do like the idea of the picture of a Failipino/FLIPFAG who is dressed up with a fake crown, a salakot (a Filipino style of native hat), wearing nothing but a bahag and holding a scepter while walking with a thumb tacks struck in his foot, and he is IGNORING it. The symbolism can be utterly explained.

So there is the rotten fake crown of Pinoy Pride, complete with the PNoy Pride ribbon. So what's with the crown? It's really the top of everything and showing what is FREAKING WRONG WITH A LOT OF FILIPINOS. Again, the KEYWORD at least, for now, is A LOT not all BEFORE YOU POINT MISSERS START TROLLING ME AGAIN (and I'll be ignoring you, no use talking witha group of morons)! What is funny is that it has the stupid PNoy Pride ribbon because I mean, some Failipinos claim to be anti-Chineseand President Nobita COJUANGCO Aquino is Chinese, Kris Aquino is Chinese and well some of their idols are Chinese which is rightfully portrayed by a stupid crown.

The salakot or native hat here shows the idea of rotten nationalism which can be termed as ultranationalism. Ultranationalism whether you like it or not just stupid and not to mention, self-contradictory. As I love to poke their ego, I can only say that those ultranationalists should not act like as if they aren't using any foreign stuff. They want more jobs but they refuse to open up the economybecause they think labor export means the Philippines is taking over the world. They have their feeling of racial superiorityand some tend to think about the stupid idea of Pinoy racial puritybut whenever somebody at least half-Pinoy (or more) scores big abroad, they free ride on that person. What is worse is that they instead choose condoning instead of condemning guilty Filipinos.

The person's near nakedness is represented by poverty, corruption and incompetence which is sadly accompanied by a wrong sense of optimismand a misguided notion of happiness. Again, is it really more fun in the Philippines huh Mr. David Guerrero?! If you think about it, the rich/poor gap in the Philippines has gotten worse and worse to the point that maybe countries that got so struck by a high rich/poor gap like China and Indonesia are probably catching up on it while our country isn't. In spite of President Nobita's "Kung Walang Corrupt Walang Mahirap" campaign, all he has done was to lead an administration that has No Directionlike lately, he should also freeze Butcher Abad's assets, not just the Bitays! For incompetence, it's really sad to say but President Nobita and his administration is so laced with incompetence like as if everyday is April 1st.

The staff of persona non-grata itself is not evil but it can be evil depending on how it is used. Like iodine which is used to treat goiter can end up as a material used to create dangerous narcotics. Water can be used in washing but it can also be used to drown a person. A culture of accountability is VERY FOREIGN to Failipino culture. Recently, an American blogger got persona non grata for simple criticism. Back in 1998, Claire Danes was declared persona non grata for calling Manila a dump. The problem of declaring persona non-grata is over very TRIVIAL issues related to constructive criticism. Would have actor Takeru Sato actually criticized the NAIA for poor service or the MRT for poor quality (no pun intended), I guess he would also be passed for persona non-grata. Sad to say, the wrong people are hurt with that persona non grata staff.

The thumb tack stuck in the foot of the Failipino represents ignored problems of the country like the problem of NOT FOLLOWING GUIDELINESbecause for them, discipline automatically equals Communismwhen that is NOT the case. Even before President Nobita keeps blaming Gloria Arroyo for almost everything, so many problems were ignored. For instance, the late Cory's regime was also plagued with brownouts and uncontrolled crime, it did not even deal with the issue of protectionism (which is cronyism) and ALMOST EVERYTHING that the Marcos Years had established. To be marching around barefoot with a splinter in the foot and not feeling ANY PAIN makes one utterly crazy right? Sad to say but Failipinos don't like the idea of being serious, they only want to have fun and fun all the time which is just VERY STUPID. Worse, they even think anybody who criticizes them is jealous of them, which again contributes to their stupidity because their definition of smart is stupid. Whenever they continue to ignore the problems, the problems will just get worse like an untreated splinter may result to a severe infection.

The international community (which includes EVERY DECENT PINOY LIVING OR WORKING ABROAD) has EVERY RIGHT to either laugh or facepalm at the AMAZING STUPIDITY THAT FLIPFAGS HAVE. I may want to escape reality but I must face it. Again, what will it take to convince a real cultural revolution is needed for a better Philippines?