Jejemon Bitay Has NO SENSE OF SHAME!

The family that preys together, steals together!
Whether it was last year when Bitay campaigned in Cebu or as of recent when he went to campaign in Cagayan De Oro (Source: Sunstar News), I will admit that man, Jejemon Bitay has really NO SENSE OF SHAME.  First, he runs away from the Senate investigations, then later Senate investigations had raised the allegation that Bitay has 242 bank accounts based on Anti-Money Laundering Council (then again, please also investigate Butcher Abad)... now what is really wrong with Jejemon Bitay himself?

Jejemon Bitay is really a picture of the FLIPFAG culture of no accountability which reminds me of what Ilda wrote at Get Real Philippines about Filipinos needing to develop a sense of shame.  If he was really innocent, he should show up AND prove himself innocent but the evidence is stacking high against him and yet, for some reason he still has his immunity one way or another.  Again, don't be so proud of the Bitay investigations PNoy Pridist, your idol President Nobita still has to answer for DAP and PDAF scams and why he's protecting Butcher Abad.  What is even more stupid to think is how a Communist country like China could end up developing a system of accountability like executing Zheng Xiaoyou or in Japan and South Korea, any officials with a major blunder are most likely to resign and in the Philippines, it's a scapegoat culture right?

One can also think of how the Bitays are really as a family.  Again, why isn't the Anti-Political Dynasty working as it should be?  Again thank the stupid Bobotantes and law enforcers who don't enforce laws but lawlessness.  The Bitays have the father as president, Senator Nancy Bitay and Mayor Junjun Bitay... they are making the Philippines into a self-profit business with their scams and two, how dare Jejemon Bitay call himself the Lee Kwan Yew of Makati when he is VERY CORRUPT?  The fact that he would side with Sherap Estrada during the campaigns prove that something is not very right about him, right?  One scam after the other, they still have no sense of shame continuing their traits.  If one has to consider the reality, Sherap Estrada may still has more shame than Jejemon Bitay himself.