If You Want More Jobs, Then OPEN UP THE ECONOMY

They whine... NO JOBS, PROTECT LABOR... but they still cry
Why is the Pinoy drug mule phenomenon happening? I would blame many factors to why the Philippines is a paradise for drug dealers- lack of jobs, corrupt officials that only favor the elite (hence cronyism and the oligarchy and the submission of STUPID economic protectionism) diminishes jobs which in turn will greatly lessen the need to create the need for OFWs. However the topic I am writing about jobs and getting rid of protectionism.

While it does sound absurd to the ears of protectionists who have their STUPID LOGIC... like how many times does it need to be whacked into their asses that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion and the OFW phenomenon does not mean that Filipinos are taking over the world? I guess I've whacked it into their asses and shoved it down their throats a MILLION times already? Get it? Again, let's just do some analysis to how getting rid of protectionism will end up producing more jobs. I don't have to be a rocket economist and this is already common knowledge in VERY BASIC economics. Again, maybe a lot of those trolls here don't even have a high school diploma nor do they do any real research because stupid is the new smart and smart is the new stupid.

Again, do I need to state that if you get rid of 60/40 aside from combating crime, it will encourage MORE investments then taxes don't need to have a rate of 32% (that's even before Kill Henares became the Konsomisyoner of the Bureau of Internal Robbery) because of a lack of businesses. If you allow foreigners to own 50% to 100% ownership (not everyone refuses a joint venture) then you encourage more foreign investment as a result. Again, does it need to be specified that foreign investors are still required to do processes like business permits, TIN registration, pass through Department of Foreign Affars and even if they are foreign bosses, THEY MUST STILL FOLLOW FILIPINO LAWS? Again Trading 101 - where you do the business in that foreign land, obey therefore the laws of that foreign king! That is, even if the job provider is a foreign firm but it's still bound by Filipino laws, it must still pay Filipino taxes and employ Filipinos into its firm because it's investing in the Philippines! Wow, if those idiots can't see that, then they really deserve to be called G-A-G-O.

Should I also mention that one of the biggest reasons why the Philippines is losing the drug war is also because of economic protectionism? As said, if you want to win the drug war then GET RID of that stupid policy known as economic protectionism. I just mentioned earlier some of the causes of why the Philippines is a paradise for drug mules is also due to a lack of jobs aside from corrupt customs. If there were more jobs available, the drug dealers will have to compete with these foreign firms in terms of recruitment. Just think, if jobs available were increased due to joint ventures and 100% owned (in terms of intangible assets since selling land to foreigners isn't feasible in small countries) firms in the Philippines then the drug dealers will have a hard time getting drug mules to be, which in turn will really hit the drug cartels with a lack of manpower, therefore further increasing discouragement of drug dealing in the Philippines.